Luxury Tiny House On Wheels

Here is Tess a 28 foot tiny house on wheels with a lot of style and character. The home was built by TruForm Tiny, a tiny house building company a family owned and operated company out of Nevada. The owner Jon goes way back with tiny house building and built his first tiny house on wheels in 1978 while living in the forests of the Northwest of the US planting trees for a living. John and his son Jen lived in the first tiny house on wheels Jon built on his own. It wasn't the prettiest tiny house design, but it worked for them, and it was something to be proud of. Little did Jon and Jen know that years later the tiny house movement would explode as it has. So taking the knowledge and wisdom from his previous tiny house build, Jon and his son decided to start building custom tiny houses for people. They now run a successful tiny house building company helping people make their tiny house dreams come true. Tess is one of tiny house designs they created for a family who no longer needs the tiny house, so it's up for sale through Tiny House Listings.

This tiny house design is modelled after the Payette tiny house design, one of the company's designs. The cool thing about this tiny house on wheels is that the bedroom is on the main floor and there's also a large loft bedroom as well. This is definitely one of the luxury tiny houses out there, and it's great that people are realizing that they don't have to skimp on style when building a tiny house on wheels. The bedroom is probably the cutest place in the entire home. It's on one of the far sides of the house, so it has lots of windows and the bed is built on a platform with storage in it, plus, there's a wall dividing the bedroom from the rest of the home with a sliding pocket door to create more privacy. The home has gorgeous acacia wood flooring throughout, which looks amazing and brings so much life and warmth to the space. You'll also notice the tongue in groove siding on the walls has been painted white which brings a lot of light into the space. They also installed white cabinets which looks great in juxtaposition to all the wood as well. The butcher block countertops are a lovely touch and will last through years of use.

They were able to fit in a small dining room table with a couple of stylish wood chairs to eat at as well as a cute little chair. The kitchen also features an induction cooktop on one of the countertops, as well as a huge porcelain farmhouse style sink too. There's also an apartment sized fridge which provides more food storage than the mini fridges do. In the bathroom, instead of the all in one washer dryer unit, they have put stackable separate washer and dryer units which people sometimes prefer over the all in one units. The bathroom also features a flush toilet, lovely large vanity and a large bathroom and shower area. Over the bathroom is one loft area where a bed could go, and then on the other side of the house is a smaller loft for storage. This tiny house is for sale in Eugene, Oregon for $81,900 US so if you're looking for a tiny house on wheels, this one could be the one for you. Check out the photos and the video tour of this tiny house and see if you could imagine yourself living here.***

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