Making Your Faucets Shine

Do you want your faucets to shine like they did when they were brand new? You can actually get your faucets looking really great again with some simple life hacks and a little bit of work. Sara from Bitz & Giggles shares her cleaning tips for how she gets her faucets in the bathroom shiny and beautiful. If you live in a house with kids, you know how hard it can be to keep anything looking new, let alone clean. Kids shouldn't have to worry about things looking clean, which is why you'll often find little hand and finger prints all over things. These finger prints and smears are even more noticeable on glass and chrome or stainless steel which is why it's great to have some simple life hacks up your sleeve to be able to clean them and shine them up in a pinch. This simple life hack is one that Sara does whenever she needs to quickly spruce up the house before a guest comes over. It's a very easy solution to an all too common problem, and all you need is some baby oil and a clean cloth or rag. You may even have some baby oil around if you have kids, and if not, it's easy to find it at the drug store or even at the grocery store.

You can also use paper towels for this cleaning trick if you have some on hand. So take your baby oil and a paper towel or a cloth and put just a small amount of the baby oil onto the cloth. Then, start rubbing the baby oil into the faucet or whatever chrome you're shining up. Once you have a good layer of it on your faucet, you can then use a clean paper towel or another clean cloth and start to buff it out until you've rubbed it in all the way. Once you're all done buffing the area, you'll notice how shiny your faucet looks. Plus, the baby oil will also keep it looking shinier for longer because when water hits it, the baby oil will cause it to bead up and roll right off of the faucet. You can even try using coconut oil or olive oil if you don't have baby oil on hand, but it may not give you the same results. It never hurts to experiment, just make sure you try it out on an inconspicuous place first and let it sit for 24 hours to see how it reacts with the material your faucet is made out of.

You can also do this on your kitchen sink faucet or your bathtub and shower faucets and handles. You may even want to try it on your door knobs and handles, just make sure you get off as much of the oil as you can after you've polished it. If you have hard water deposits on your faucets, that's another story, and you won't be able to polish those off unfortunately. So instead, you can use another cleaning tip that uses white distilled vinegar to remove the hard water deposits from the metal. Just soak a cloth or a paper towel in some white vinegar and then drape it over your faucet and handles, wherever you see some hard water stains. Then allow this to sit overnight so the vinegar can work on loosening up the minerals. When you come back in the morning, take the vinegar cloth off and then scrub with an old toothbrush to remove the hard water stains completely. Try out these simple life hacks and cleaning tips to get your faucets sparkling.***

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