This Amazing Kitchen Features A Large Natural Oak Tree Trunk

This kitchen countertop material might just be the best kitchen home design you'll see. Designed by Willi Bruckbauer, this amazing kitchen countertop material features a large natural oak tree trunk which still has its bark, which is placed right up to a thick concrete slab. The aesthetic of this kitchen countertop material is natural and man-made, modern yet rustic, warm and cold. This kitchen home design is the ultimate in contrast and a bold kitchen statement. The tree section of the kitchen countertop has been flattened on top to help create a natural cutting surface. The concrete slab used as a countertop material contains a sink as well as two BORA Basic cooktops that blend seamlessly into the kitchen workstation. This kitchen is a stunning work of art that you are sure to love.

When it comes time to design your house and kitchen it can be quite a complex experience. There are a wide array of different countertop materials and building materials to use, each of them offering their own pros and cons. With so many countertop materials and building materials to choose from, its understandable that many homeowners become confused and unsure of what to use. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and design your house, it might be a great idea to think about using solid wood furniture and building materials. Wood as a building material and countertop material offers a large number of benefits over other types of materials, and over furniture of different building materials. Solid wood is a classic countertop material, so you cant go wrong with it. Some of the benefits of having solid wood in your kitchen is the classic, timeless design of wood. Wood is a building material that never goes out of style and has a timeless beauty to it, while still being incredibly simple and practical. Wood as a countertop material and building material may stay in your home design for several years to come, without the risk of making it look outdated. Not only is the aged and rustic look very trendy, but its also really beautiful, and unique, especially since its natural grain will make every single piece of furniture in your kitchen and home design a unique one. Wood is capable of fitting most design styles and colour schemes, and solid wood furniture is guaranteed to suit most any kitchen.

Using wood as a kitchen countertop material or to help design your kitchen home design offers extra long durability. Solid wood is a very resistant building material, while other sorts of wood are susceptible to damage from moisture, quick peeling and chipping, while solid wood is highly resistant to it. Even if your wooden countertop material gets damaged over time, you can always get it refinished, and itll look like new again. Using wood eliminates the need to replace your furniture, making its use an excellent investment which will save you money in the long run, and possibly end up being passed on to your next generation. There is something about using wood in your home design that displays personality and sophistication. Using solid wood furniture and as a countertop material is a clear sign that the owner values quality and sophistication since the building material is associated with fine craftsmanship. Many kitchens are made almost entirely of artificial building materials, which makes it a cold environment which isnt very inviting at all.

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