Tiny House’s Interior Can Hold More Than You'd Think, Take A Look!

Now, this is one of the larger tiny houses on wheels that stays within the highway regulated guidelines for tiny houses. The Sugar Shack was created out of a Traveler XL Tiny House from Escape Tiny Houses, and it measures 30 feet long, by 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet tall. These are the normal measurements for a tiny house. Actually, they are the maximum measurements for a tiny house on wheels, so the owners get a lot of space inside of this one. This tiny house is located in the downtown area of Las Vegas and offers tourists and travellers a lovely and cozy place to stay. The tiny house design is a total of 344 square feet which can be rented out by the night. This tiny home has more space than you may think it would. From the outside, it looks like it would probably be pretty cramped inside, but when you get a peek at the interior, you'll see just how much space it actually has. The nice thing about the Traveler XL is that there's actually a bedroom with a queen-sized bed on the main floor. Usually, you'll find the bedroom in the loft space, so it's cool to see that a bedroom can be on the main floor too. There's even a built in closet space and storage under the bed, as well as shelving and windows all the way around the room. A wall mounted TV is also an option of this tiny house design too.

There's also a full-sized bedroom area in the loft area, plus a pullout sofa that's handmade by the company. The great kitchen is one of the favourite areas in Escape Tiny Houses. People love the kitchens these guys create because they have everything a regular kitchen would have in it including a large fridge and a full sized stove and oven. The counter space is also great as well as all of the beautiful handmade maple cabinetry. Then the bathroom has a huge vanity with a ton of storage in it, as well as the option to put an all in one washer dryer unit in. They have a toilet as well as the option to put a 5-foot tub and shower insert in. Great for those who love to take baths. There's also a great dining area with a fold away table and a living room space with a TV and a storage couch. All in all, this is one great design, and it shows just how much you can fit into a tiny house of this size. Many people moving into a tiny house will choose to go a bit smaller especially if they are going to be moving around a lot. A larger tiny house on wheels like this one would be more practical for someone who's going to be parking their tiny house more permanently.

The Traveler XL would cost around $78,500 US to purchase, but they also have monthly financing options that you can use to pay off the tiny house for as low as $500 per month. That's another reason why people will choose to build a smaller tiny house design because they tend to cost less. The thing about building a tiny house is, it still costs just as much per square foot for the materials, but sometimes the appliances are a bit more expensive than regular household appliances. For example, if you want a wood burning stove for a tiny house, you could be looking at spending up to $4,000. Have a look through all the photos of this tiny house design and see what you think.***

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