Vintage RV 34 footer was completly gutted and redone with a bright mid-centry modern design

Now, this has got to be one of the best tiny house design remodels yet. This tiny house on wheels named Spartacus was created out of an old vintage 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion RV. The 34 foot RV was totally redone, with everything original removed which is such a great idea for creating a tiny house on wheels. This way, you can recycle something and give it new life which will also save money in the long run. The one thing to be aware of if you choose to go this route is to make sure you get the trailer inspected and modified to hold the weight of the items you want to put into it. Even if you can have it inspected before you purchase it, that would be ideal. Most people prefer to purchase a brand new trailer with a warranty, and that is up to par for building a tiny house on wheels. Since this build kept the original exterior of the RV, it was probably fine, but when you're building with wooden framing, it's important to make sure your trailer can handle the weight.

To bring the trailer up to date, they remodelled it with a bright interior with modern appliances and furnishings. They also went with a mid-century modern style and design to honour the era that the trailer came from which is pretty cool. Plus, this way, the interior matches the exterior really well. The kitchen in the tiny house design is light and airy with a brand new stove, fridge, microwave, and custom cabinets. They colours for this design were kept in the lighter tones of blues, greys and whites which looks so classic and beautiful. The design also features a gorgeous stained glass light fixture which adds so much style to the room. The copper faucet and accents are also a great part of the design. There's also a great little dining area with proper chairs and a table. Beside the kitchen is the living room which has a mid-century modern style leather couch which fits perfectly into the design, and really cool lighting above. There is plenty of room in the living room to relax and even to have guests over once in a while.

One of the other cool features is the little workspace area with a desk and a chalk board above which would be great for those who work from home, or need a workspace for art or writing. Past the office space, there's a great little bathroom with an owl decor theme as well as a great sized bathtub and shower area all done in stylish white subway tiles. There's also a main floor bedroom which is very nice and comfortable with a queen sized bed and lots of windows. When people build their tiny houses on wheels sometimes, they opt to leave out loft space altogether because they would rather keep everything on one level. With this RV remodel, it's easy to understand why they did it this way, there is not the ceiling height to do any loft space, and fortunately, they had enough space within the original floor plan to create the bedroom on the main floor. To make a bedroom loft more easily accessible, other people create stairs leading up to the loft which makes it much easier to get up to. The Spartacus now belongs to an airline pilot who has it parked private landing strip in Kentucky. Wouldn't it be fun to remodel an old RV like this one, even just a small one to use for recreational use? Get inspired by the photos of this amazing tiny house design.***

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