198 Sqft Fully Furnished Tiny House with Loft at Discounted Price

Tiny houses on wheels have so many people excited these days. Check out this 198 square foot fully furnished tiny house with a loft at a discounted price. For a tiny house on wheels with lots of added items, it costs $26,450, but if you just want the shell, this one will only cost $17,950. Instead of building a tiny house yourself, you can just order one like this. You can have it fully outfitted or just to the point of the shell where you could finish the rest. The pricier option is for the turn key home, where you have all of the flooring installed as well as drywall, and the kitchen and bathroom finished too. But this means that your house would be move-in ready, all you would need to bring is your furniture and your personal items. People like this option especially if they don't have the time to finish or build the project on their own. You can still implement all of the features you like for your small house design too, all you have to do is share them with your builder or designer.

Building a tiny house from scratch can be a lot of work, which is why people prefer to have a company build their tiny house on wheels over building it themselves. Building it yourself means that you will have to source all of the materials yourself, as well as have a place to store all of the materials and a place to build your tiny house. If you can get a covered warehouse spot to build in, all the better. It can be a huge advantage to have a covered space when you're building so you can build all year round, instead of having to wait out snow or rain. If you have to build outside, tarps work great to keep out most of the moisture, but you may find it hard to work on in the colder weather. The best thing to do when you're building a tiny house is just take the process one day at a time. Focusing on reasonable goals will help you feel accomplished instead of overwhelmed and celebrating your progress will also keep you motivated. It can be quite a fun process if you are dedicated to learning and growing, but that's not to say there won't be some issues that arise. Any big project comes with it's ups and downs, but as long as you're keeping your eye on the prize, you'll be just fine.

This tiny house on wheels has such a cute design. Don't you just love the nice, bright colour they have added to it? Instead of doing wood siding all over the tiny house, they did some lapboard that's been painted green which looks really nice, and the deep red door is also a nice touch. The funky window at the top of the tiny house also adds to the character and personality and gives some light to the upper loft. The single loft in the unit would be the perfect place to sleep, and the downstairs area is great for working and lounging, as well as cooking daily meals. Looking through the photos, you may be surprised by all of the space within the 198 square foot house, but they did a really good job on this small house design. Just imagine it with some furniture and some artwork and it's ready to move into. Tiny House Cottage also has a few other tiny house designs on their website. Check them out and see which one is your favourite.***

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