Amazing Builder's Bicycle-Powered Tiny House, It's Exceptional You Need To See This!

This is a tiny house design that is filled with inspiring design elements, to include some amazing ways of powering the tiny house. This tiny house design has a bicycle generator and an old-fashioned water wheel, and the builder is not afraid to try out new and unique ideas. This tiny cabin on wheels is located within the beautiful botanical gardens of Tofino in British Columbia; you will want to take a closer look for yourself.

Phil the builder of this lovely tiny cabin on wheels was inspired by seeing a tiny house design in a documentary in 2013. It was then that he started researching and planning to build a tiny house design himself. The concept of living with a smaller footprint was always part of the builder's life, and the idea of living in a tiny house design just fit his lifestyle perfectly. He believes that small house living and using fewer resources is a good path towards a more sustainable future. Small house living combines simple living with comfort. Tiny house designs are humble and elegant and are both functional and efficient while being affordable. Over a period of one and a half years, while he was working full time, he built a 20-foot tiny cabin on wheels. Being able to own land will take him many more years, therefore building a tiny cabin on wheels was the perfect choice for him. A tiny house design built on a trailer makes it possible to own a small and affordable home without having to own a piece of land. Phil put a lot of attention to all the steps of the tiny house design building process. He was very thankful for the input that he received along the way from an experienced builder that helped him to thrive for the highest quality of tiny house design. Now he is carving out time in his life to make this passion for small house living into an income. After building a tiny cabin on wheels and living in it for over two years, he now dedicates his skills and experience to building and assisting with building more tiny house designs.

There are different small house living options with the Tofino Tiny House Company. You might consider a tiny house shell that is finished on the outside, and you can have various levels of tiny house completion on the inside. Building a tiny house design from scratch is, of course, the most affordable way of tiny home ownership. However, purchasing an already built tiny house design shell is the next most affordable option. The tiny house shell gives you the freedom of your own interior design and tiny house details. The price starts from about 25,000 to 40,000 or more depending on the tiny house design size and the building materials used. There are three main levels of interior finishing with these tiny house design shells to include the open wall, the open wall with electrical installed, and the electrical installed, insulation and interior siding installed. A finished tiny house design can have a custom layout that has a kitchenette, along with space for a bed, some basic furniture, a shower and a toilet. The tiny house design can be heated with an electrical wall heater, along with a propane stove or wood stove. The building materials used are cedar that comes from a local salvage mill. All other building materials are new from the building supply store.

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