Cannabis During Pregnancy and Childbirth: a Natural Remedy

There are currently countless natural health remedies that involve cannabis. Cannabis is an effective part of many natural therapy plans due to its impressive, pain-relieving abilities. Studies completed within the field of natural medicine, however, also show that cannabis can additionally be an effective treatment for many of the underlying causes of illness-related pain. Moreover, patients and natural medicine practitioners alike appreciate the way in which cannabis is capable of delivering relief, without causing an expansive range of undesirable side effects. Among some of the more interesting natural health remedies involving cannabis are those that have been implemented by natural medicine practitioners for the treatment of epilepsy and the alleviation of epilepsy-related seizures. These natural health remedies are important given that approximately one in every 26 Americans will suffer from these problems at one time or another. By using cannabis-based, natural health remedies, many people with epilepsy are able to enjoy far more comfortable lives and much higher, overall life qualities.

Before learning more about natural health remedies for epilepsy that involve the use of marijuana, however, it is first important to know more about epilepsy itself. There are about 3 million people in America who currently suffer from epilepsy.

As per the U.S. Center for Disease Control, this illness can affect people in a broad range of ways. This disorder of the neurological system can lead to various types of seizures, along with additional, secondary medical conditions. Factors such as these determine the severity of a person's illness and his or her overall life quality. More often than not, the cause of epilepsy is unknown. Understanding these things, you can now consider various natural health remedies for epilepsy that involve the use of marijuana from a informed position. One thing to note, however, is that natural medicine isn't always subject to the same rigorous investigations and standards that more conventional medicine faces. As such, the benefits of natural therapy are often hotly debated. This is especially true now that cannabis awareness is increasing throughout the world. For instance, THC or the primary psychoactive agent in marijuana is thought to limit tumor growth. CBD, another major element in many strains of marijuana can have tremendous pain relieving effects for numerous illnesses. It can also limit nausea, promote better sleep hygiene, support weight loss, and assist with gastrointestinal disorders like celiac disease. The primary complaint concerning this vein of natural medicine is simply that it lacks sufficient supporting research for appeasing the powers that be. Fortunately, ongoing studies are being conducted to know more about the efficacy of natural health remedies involving cannabis.

In terms of their effectiveness for epilepsy patients, cannabis-based natural health remedies can actually prevent seizures, or limit their frequency, duration and severity. There is even a brand new strain of CBD oil known as Charlotte's Web that's believed to alleviate epilepsy symptoms in small children. This is an incredibly promising form of natural therapy and one that many young epilepsy patients are eager to explore. So what are the benefits of using cannabis-based, natural therapy for pregnant women? Well, for pregnant women, a CBD oil like Charlotte's Web can have absolutely no psychoactive properties. CBD oils are used solely for the purpose of natural medicine and are therefore not designed to produce the same sense of euphoria or "high" that's generally associated with marijuana. If natural medicine makes room for natural health remedies like this one, a broad range of problems during gestation may be safely treated. For instance, expecting moms who suffer from epilepsy may be able to avoid seizures throughout all three terms. A special thanks to Feliza at the health clinic for sharing this info on cannabis-based, natural health remedies.

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