Check out the Greatest and the Most Popular Log House from Leon Wood

Log houses and cabins make some of the most beautiful homes ever. Check out the greatest and the most popular log house from Leon Wood, a company in Teichland, Germany. Even though log houses are an older style of building, the log house designs have grown and changed over the years with more and more modern looks and increasing sizes. Log home building can range from smaller cabins to large, luxury log house designs. Compared to the first log houses built at the time Europeans began to settle the Americas, which was around the 1600s, log houses can be quite different. Many of the homes from that era, were simply built on a stone foundation, or straight on the ground with no set foundation at all. In the past, log home builders would never use any protectants or sealants on their homes, but they were just as strong and durable as log houses today, and we can even see certain log houses standing more than 100 years later. The oldest log house in the United States is thought to be the CA Nothnagle Log House in New Jersey built around 1640, which shows us just how long these beautiful homes can endure.

Featured here are some of the lovely log homes from Leon Wood who has plenty of home designs to choose from, so there is something for everyone. The designs from Leon Wood, are stunning and they each feature the gorgeous, cathedral ceilings that are synonymous with luxury log houses. These soaring ceilings not only offer an amazing architectural feature, but they also allow space for ceiling height windows which allow in more natural light than ever. The floor to ceiling windows on each of the company's designs are truly spectacular and offer those amazing scenic views from every angle possible. Adding plenty of windows also helps to open up any space and can cut heating and electric costs as well. Most of the designs also feature a great, large deck or entrance way on the front of the home. Decks always make for an awesome spot to relax out in nature, while still being in the comfort of your own home, and they provide a wonderful space for entertaining. These log homes are also equipped with a double wall, which acts as the perfect thermal barrier which would be more likely to stay warmer in the winter than thin drywall and insulation. The logs are known for their thermal mass, which helps to keep the air within the home or cabin nice and warm and cozy, just how you like it. A wood burning fireplace is also a must in any log home building plan, and Leon Wood implements them into their designs.

Log houses are praised for their resiliency and their stability. Unlike most conventional building methods, log home building is a traditional tried, tested and reliable way for building some of the largest, most beautiful homes on the market. If you're thinking about building a log home of your very own, it's important to consider working with a company like Leon Wood. If you're not in Germany or Europe, there are plenty of log home building companies in the US and in Canada that can help make anyone's log home building dreams a reality. Other people who enjoy having a hand's on experience on their log home building journey would be happy to build their log house from a prefabricated building kit. Companies are making it easier and easier to get the right home for you and your family at a decent and fair price for what they're worth. Enjoy having a look at these great log house designs from Leon Wood on the Fertighausscout website.***

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