Check Out This Cozy Tiny Home With A Unique Log Cabin Look!

Check out this awesome and cozy tiny house design with a log cabin look. The Odyssey Tiny House was featured on Tiny House Hunters and belongs to couple Kristi and Rafael from North Carolina. The couple decided to downsize after Kristi survived breast cancer. They sold their 2,500 square foot home and happily moved into their tiny house on wheels. They had a budget of around $45,000 which afforded them this beautiful masterpiece you see here build onto a 34-foot trailer. The cool thing about this tiny house design is that it looks like that comfortable log cabin in the woods that people always dream of having. But instead of that log cabin only being restricted to one place, the couple can hit the road with it and travel around as they want to. Kristi and Rafael started their diy build in early 2015, and they even extended the trailer from 32 feet to 34 feet with help from a welder. They completed their tiny house on wheels in January of 2016 and moved into their new home shortly after. The reason they called their tiny house Odyssey is because of the long and incredible journey it took them to build it. They also were asked to be on one of the tiny house shows on HGTV, and their build was filmed and released on August 15, 2016, on the show called "Tiny House Hunters".

Like many other people building their own tiny houses on wheels, the couple met some great people and made friends along the way too. They also learned a lot which is part of building your own tiny house on wheels. While building your own tiny house on wheels can be a really big undertaking, it's also an extremely rewarding process as well because of how much you learn and grow throughout the process. It takes a lot of planning and strategizing to create a home that's only a few hundred square feet, but it's a challenge that some would gladly take on. Now that they live in their tiny house, they are so proud of all they accomplished and love their low-cost lifestyle. The design of their tiny house is quite beautiful as well, and many people must be inspired by it. Instead of using wooden plank siding, they used log siding to give the home the look of a log cabin which is so cool. They have two lofts that are both bedroom lofts, as well as a living room with a full sized couch in it and a full kitchen. The kitchen has everything they need in it including a larger sized fridge, a full-size stove and oven as well as plenty of counters and cabinet space which is so important in a tiny house design. The kitchen is tucked away at one end of the tiny house under the storage stairs which are also a great idea for any tiny house.

Up the stairs, their bed fits perfectly into the loft bedroom space with lots of light coming in from the windows placed around the loft. Having windows everywhere in a tiny house design is important for a couple of reasons, first so that there is lots of natural light, and also so that there is good ventilation in the home. The bathroom is also a great space with a large corner shower stall and a composting toilet. Their sink and vanity they made is also a really cool feature of the home as well. Make sure you check out the full video tour and also have a look at their website if you like.***

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