Checkout This Gorgeous Dual-Lofted Tiny House

Tiny houses have some of the most adorable home designs. This is a tiny house design built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama. Doug, who's the owner of Timbercraft Tiny Homes, shows us around this adorable tiny house on wheels, a 28 foot model with two lofts. Each of the tiny house design from the company are a little different from each other, but they each have a craftsman style that's very recognizable. It's nice to see that so many tiny house builders are handcrafting all of their homes which gives each one a unique style. The exterior of the 28-foot tiny house is done in board, and baton siding painted a nice, lighter green colour with white trim around the windows and doors, they went with a black metal roof and a stained wooden door. Some people like to go all out with their tiny house designs while others will just keep it neutral. That's the cool thing about tiny house design; you can really make your tiny house your own with any unique finishing touches you like. The design also includes a lot of windows, which is great for ventilation and for natural light in the home, as well as a skylight which can actually make the home feel a bit larger.

Once inside the tiny house, the kitchen is the first thing you see, and it's gorgeous, with granite counter tops and large stainless steel appliances instead of just counter top and mini ones. The stove and oven unit is an RV propane stove which is the perfect size for a tiny house kitchen. It's just small enough to fit into the counter space and to have an extra storage drawer underneath it. The fridge is a larger sized fridge which is great for people who prefer to stock up on food instead of having limited food storage space. The large stainless steel sink is also great. They created a cute little dining booth in by the kitchen with a round window. Right next to the kitchen and dining area is the living room area which has built in bench seating that has storage in it, and the staircase leading up into the loft area. These storage staircases are such a great idea providing easy access to the loft space and providing storage for the tiny house dwellers in the unused space. The loft will hold a queen sized bed and features lots of lighting and windows for a more spacious feel.

The other loft area is accessible by a ladder which can be stored away when it's not in use, and that loft can also fit a queen sized bed in it. Some people like to use their second loft as a storage or closet space, but if you have kids, the second loft would make a great extra bedroom. The bathroom in this tiny house design is gorgeous with a beautiful clawfoot tub and a shower as well. There's also lots of storage space in the bathroom which is great for bathroom supplies and linens. They put in a flush toilet which is good for those who will have septic hook ups, but the company will install composting toilets for those who want to be off the grid. This unit also features a washer dryer combo unit in a hall closet which would be very nice to have. The company has a few tiny house models, but they will work with their customers to provide the best tiny house design for each person. Enjoy having a look at this beautiful tiny house on wheels and see what you think.***

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