Creating a Welcoming Entrance to the Backyard

Are you into do it yourself home improvements? If so, this could be one of the diy ideas you incorporate into your yard at home. This is a great diy project to create a pathway anywhere in your yard, but Pam and her husband from Our Adventures In Home Improvement created their path on the side of their house leading into their backyard. They also created a lovely garden bed along the side of their house to add some colour to that area of their house that was pretty bland before. They wanted to keep the grass there too to make getting their lawn mower to the back of their house easier. To make it even easier, they installed some cement pavers. To do this, all you'll need to do is get some pavers in the style and size you like from your local building supply centre. You can choose from square ones and round ones as well as other more elaborate shapes and designs. Then, when you bring them home all you have to do is map out where you'd like to put them and then cut away the grass in the areas you're placing the pavers and dig shallow holes for them to be placed into. This part can be a lot of work but it's totally worth it when you're all done.

Next Pam and her husband went to work creating the flower bed on the side of their house. They dug up a bunch of their lawn to make way for their flower bed and then to finish it off, they created a cement curb on their own. This was a diy idea that actually saved them a lot of money. Pam called around town, and the minimum charge for curbing there was $275. So they bought some boards and made their own cement moulds for the curbing. Then they poured in some simple concrete that they made with a concrete mix. You can, but concrete mix at any home improvements store and all you have to do is just mix it all up and then put it in the mould. Then, you allow it to set, and once it's set, you can remove the moulds. If you didn't want to do cement curbing around your flower beds, you could also use some nice flower bed bordering that you can buy at a garden centre. They have all different types like wooden and metal ones that look really great with your plants.

Then, Pam planted a bunch of beautiful flowers including peonies, cosmos and daisies and she stuck a shepherd's hook into the ground to hang a birdhouse on. The finished result looks so great, and now they have something beautiful on the side of their house to add some visual appeal. Another great place to do your own landscaping is at the front of your house. If you don't want to plant flowers, you can also plant some low maintenance shrubs like cedar bushes. It would also be fun to plant some native plants around your home that will come back every year. Planting flowers that the bees like will also help out the ecosystem in your area which is a great thing to do. If you really want to be savvy, you could plant yourself some vegetables around your house for some free fresh organic food. If the area is shady plant some shade loving plants like salad greens, or if you have a sunny area, plant some nice root vegetables or some corn. Enjoy this, and other do it yourself home improvements from Our Adventures In Home Improvement.***

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