Discover the Five Easy Steps to Clean an Electric Stove Top

When it comes to cleaning stoves, since there are a few different types of stove, you're going to want to know how to clean your specific stove top. We have the most common stove top which would be the electric stove top which you're going to learn to clean today, or there's the ceramic, glass and gas ranges. Today we'll focus on cleaning stoves with the electric coil burners which can take a lot of time to clean because there are so many parts to clean. Cara from the Bob Villa website shares her cleaning tips on how to clean an electric stove top with ease. Much like most people, you're probably all about making your meals and then after you're finished eating you're most likely too tired to clean up afterwards. This can lead to a build up of grease and burned on food that will make your stove look dirty, and sometimes the food will even start to smoke and burn even more when you're cooking other foods. This could damage the coils and the very surface over time, so it's good if you can give your electric stove a good cleaning once in a while. You can clean your stove top how ever often you'd like, but it's recommended to deep clean it at least once a month. In the time in between, you can just give it a quick wipe down and carry on.

So for this cleaning tutorial, you'll need some cloths or rags, water, dish soap, baking soda, a cleaning pad and a cook top scraper if you want. First of all, you'll wipe the entire surface with a clean cloth to get all of the loose crumbs off. Then, take everything off of the stove burners and turn them on high. Leave them on high for around two to three minutes, and the heat will just burn off all of the grime and burned on food. You may want to run your hood fan for this part too so that you don't have a smokey scene in your home setting off all the fire alarms. Next, allow the burners to cool down completely and wipe each of the burners off with a cloth. Then, you'll take the burner coils out from their sockets, and you can give them a wipe down with some water and dish soap, just never submerge the burners in water and be careful not to get the socket wet. If your burner coils are especially dirty, you can make a paste out of some baking soda and water and coat the burners in the paste. Allow it to sit on the burner for 20 minutes or so and then scrub the entire burner and wipe the baking soda paste off. You can even rinse them off under warm water, just be sure not to get the socket wet as mentioned before.

You can also clean your drip pans in the same way by making a mixture of baking soda and water and letting that sit on the drip pans for an hour or even overnight if they're really dirty. You can also spray some plain white vinegar on the baking soda to create a fizzing reaction to work on loosening the stuck on grime and gunk. Once you've let the cleaning solution sit on the drip pans for a while, you can then scrub them with a scrubbing pad and then rinse them off with warm water. Also, don't forget to wipe out the area under the drip pans and the stove top. Sometimes the entire stove top will lift up so you can really get in there and clean it well. When everything is dry, put all of the stove pieces back in place and admire your amazing work.***

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