DIY Pallet Bookshelves

People have been going crazy for pallet projects these days, and it's easy to understand why. Who doesn't love using free materials and recycling at the same time? Wooden pallets are so great for a number of diy ideas from making coffee tables to making bench seating and even making shelves like these ones featured on Hometalk. Jeremy, a Hometalk member, decided to share his pallet projects with us so we too can make these fabulous free shelves. The shelves would be great for any room in the house to use for extra storage space, using them in the kitchen would be great for spice storage, in the bathroom for small towel storage and like you see here, to use as book storage shelves too. They could also be great for plant storage as well. The project instructions are super easy to follow, and in no time you'll have your own shelves that are ready to use for whatever you need them for. The hardest part of this pallet project is finding a good pallet to use for it. These plans will work for pallets with 6 boards on the top and 4 on the back, but you can also alter the plans as needed to make it work for the type of pallet you find.

To find pallets, you'll want to go to big box stores where they get a lot of large items shipped in. You may want to steer clear of getting the pallets from grocery stores simply because they might be covered in food that's leaked out or spills. They would take some more time to clean and prepare before using them. Check the pallets for any major cracks or breaks in the wood and try and get pallets that are completely in tact. You'll also want to make sure that they haven't been chemically treated and that they are fairly clean. You can also always clean them at home too with some dish soap and a bit of vinegar in warm water. Just be sure to allow the wood to dry out completely before you start to build with it. Once you've found a good pallet to use, and you have it all cleaned and ready to go, you're going to mark out the lines you'll use when you're cutting up the pallet into the shelves. The pallet will be cut in half as well as on the second board from the top and the bottom just a little bit more than halfway on each of the boards. Then you'll use a circular saw to cut deep through both of the layers of wood on the top and the bottom of the pallet.

The nice part about this pallet project is that you don't even have to take apart the pallets which is the case for a lot of pallet projects. Taking apart the pallets is another hard job when it comes to using pallets for building materials. All you have to do is cut this pallet into a few pieces and you're good to go. Once you have your 4 separate pieces of the pallet, you will then add 2 by 4s to create a barrier on the bottom of each shelf so that the contents in the shelf will stay in place. Attach the pieces of wood and there you have your pallet shelves. You can then paint them whatever colour you like, or stain them with a wood stain to enhance the look of the wood for a more rustic and natural look. Then just hang it up with some screws and fill it with the things you like.***

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