Dreading Summers Because Of The Hordes Of Annoying Mosquitoes? Try This Trick And Rid Yourself Of These Pests Once And For All…

Oh those summertime mosquito blues!

Depending where you live, and what season you are in, one thing that is universal in mosquito areas is that these tiny little insects can cause a lot of grief, itching and annoyance to us all.

There are a few ways that you can combat these little pests.

One of the first things to consider, if you are living in an area that can breed mosquitoes is that anything in your personal space that can collect water that will stagnate is a mosquito breeder.

Scout your yard for vessels that may contain small amounts of water, including those old tires that the rain has fallen into, kids buckets, pools, gutters, bird feeders pretty much anything that holds water is a potential breeding ground. If you have a small pond where the water is not moving, that is also a great breeding ground. Stopping mosquitoes from breeding is one of your biggest defences.

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their larvae and complete their life cycle, reducing that will help in reducing the mosquito population.

You can utilize bug traps such as bug zappers, suction traps and light traps. Because traps are affected by weather conditions such as wind and rain, you need to place them carefully and keep an eye on them to ensure maximum efficiency.

Natural essential oils are a great way to help keep the mosquitoes away from the area the oils are in. You can use candle, oil and soap forms. Again weather will play a part in the effectiveness as if you get wind, it will minimize how much they help. Never put these substances directly on the skin of small children or even adults as they can cause a mild skin irritation. Better to dab it onto some item that you can have on or near you.

There are many many chemical repellents on the market that come in aerosols, creams, liquids and sticks. These items are sold in most grocery and pharmacy stores.The main active ingredient in all these formulas is DEET (N-Diethyl-3-Methylbenzamide) that repels but does not kill mosquitoes. Use these chemicals with caution. It is better to never put any

chemicals directly onto your skin, even though they say you can. Better to put onto an item of clothing or scarf or something indirect as the body does absorb anything that is directly applied to it.

Some products contain Permethrin that is on camping gear, clothes and bed nets which will repel and even kill mosquitoes. This type of camping gear will retain this chemical even when in contact with water which is great for long trips. Never get this onto your skin though as it causes irritation

A mosquito problem can be minimized and even avoided using these ideas, but remember that many of these products are highly concentrated and can irritate the skin and cause damage.

Always, always avoid putting repellent on any wounds or broken skin when applying repellent and if you do get some on by accident and receive any adverse effects from using these methods, consult your doctor.

The wonderful outdoors is meant to be enjoyed and these little tips should help ward off those nasty little mosquitoes.