Easy One Hour Blanket Ladder

Curling up with a nice cozy blanket is something we all love to do when relaxing. But what do you do with your blankets after you're done using them? Some people are okay just leaving them on the couch, or if you use a throw blanket, you can just drape it over your couch or chair. Other people like to fold their blankets up and place them neatly on their couch or maybe make a pile of blankets in a basket or in a closet somewhere near the living room. Sometimes you want to have easy access to your blankets though, and tucking them away in a closet makes it hard to have that easy access. Also, what if your blankets add something to your room and really go well with your home decor? You might want to have them out on display but not draped on your couch or chair or folded on the floor. What if there was a better way to organize your blankets that also allowed them to be on display? There are some really cool diy ideas you can use to put your blankets on display and keep them neat and tidy and out of the way.

This is one of the fun diy projects from The Contractor, a website created by a husband and wife who love to share their home diy ideas. The diy tutorial will teach you how to make a super cute blanket ladder which you can hang your blankets on to keep them neat and accessible. The great thing about this diy idea is that it only takes an hour to make from start to finish once you have all of your materials. Of course, you could just buy one of these blanket ladders, they have them for sale at certain home decor stores, or you could buy a nice antique ladder and repaint it to match your decor, but it's also so great to do some fun diy projects and make something special and unique for your home. It's also fun to build something with wood and be proud of the results when you're all finished. So try making this cute diy blanket ladder over the weekend or whenever you have some spare time. You'll need two 8 foot 2 by 4s for the ladder as well as 3 inch screws, a mitre box and a a drill. You're going to cut your wood to have 2 pieces at 54 inches and 4 pieces at 13 inches. You can also have the lumber yard cut them for you if they offer that service, that way they're all ready to go when you get them home.

One of the tips they recommend is to set the pieces of wood that make the rungs of the ladder on an angle so that the blankets hang nicely. You can also cut the bottom of the ladder ends on an angle so that it will lean up against the wall nicely. Then, on your ladder side pieces, you'll mark out where you want the rungs to go. They spaced their ladder rungs out about 10 inches apart. You may want to use screws instead of nails especially if you have kids that are going to play on it. The screws will just make it much sturdier. Also, you'll want to use two screws in each of the rungs so that the rungs don't twist. Once you have your rungs screwed in on both sides of the ladder, you're all done with the building part. Now, you can paint or stain your ladder and seal it to protect the wood. Enjoy trying this and other fun diy projects from The Contractor.***

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