Great Space Optimization in Lovely House on Wheels: The Wedge Cabin

With the cost of living becoming more and more expensive, tiny cabins on wheels seem to be an affordable and clever option. And the Wedge Cabin is just one of the tiny cabin designs by Wheelhaus tiny house company from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The company offers several different beautiful styles of tiny cabins on wheels. These projects are designed and built with an emphasis on efficient space management and durability which offers ceiling heights that soar to 17 feet, and windows designed to let in light while maintaining privacy, timber frame roof systems, wooden floors, outdoor deck space, and high-end fixtures.

The Wedge Cabin has one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen/living room and a private outdoor deck. The bedroom in the Wedge Cabin is large enough for a king size bed. And the kitchen/living room was designed to offer both functionality and comfort being large enough for a sofa sleeper for guests. The mini-kitchen in the Wedge Cabin is L-shaped and features a two-burner cook top, an under counter refrigerator, a microwave, dishwasher, kitchen sink, granite counter top and high-grade kitchen cabinetry. The bathroom maximizes both space and function and features a top of the line glass shower. These type of tiny cabin designs are offered by Wheelhaus at base prices that start at $82,000 to $96,500 with delivery that is available throughout the United States.

There are benefits to owning and living in a tiny cabin on wheels. Provided you have a vehicle that you can pull your tiny cabin on wheels; you can travel or move your tiny cabin on wheels if you please. With a tiny cabin on wheels, you can attach your tiny house design to your car and drive anywhere in the country. Instead of travelling and staying in a hotel, you can bring your tiny house design with you and stay in the same places that RVs stay. Whether it's the Grand Canyons or hiking the many trails of Vermont, you are completely covered to travel wherever and whenever you want. And as far as power and water go if you have a tiny house design with solar along with rain barrels built into them, your house kind of takes care of itself. Think of a tiny cabin design like an RV, wherever an RV can go you can go. You can even get a tiny cabin design that is suited with RV hookups for easier stays at campsites.

And with a tiny cabin on wheels, you can say goodbye to big future moves. If you have a new job and you need to move, no need to worry if you have a tiny cabin on wheels. Just pack up your tiny house design, attach it to your truck, and you are ready to go. A tiny cabin design is an investment in your future. Even if you use your tiny cabin design as a vacation home, you can also rent it out when you are not using it. And instead of moving from house to house, you can stick your tiny cabin design and move anywhere your heart desires. And many tiny cabin designs are 100 Percent eco-friendly. Even the building materials that made your tiny cabin design can be made from recycled building materials which promote healthier living. Not to mention the solar energy panels on the roof, the rain barrels on the side of the house, and the composting toilet too. A tiny cabin design is a good way to lessen your carbon footprint, and live a life that is more eco-friendly. You will find the Wedge Cabin tiny cabin on wheels on the Home Design Ideas site. On the site, you will find tiny cabin designs, tiny cabins on wheels, small house living and more. **

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