Have A Look At This Magnificent Sleek & Modern Tiny House

Here is a sleek and modern tiny house on wheels that's actually for sale in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. If you've been looking into purchasing or building your own tiny house on wheels, you may be interested in buying one that's already built. This way you don't have to worry about coming up with a design and a floor plan, or choosing a builder and materials. You don't have to worry about having to build it yourself either, all of the work has been taken care of for you. So if you like the look and style of a tiny house design that's for sale, you can purchase it and then you could even make any customizations to it that would make it more your own. Even though the home is located in South Carolina, you wouldn't even have to live in that state if you purchased it. Just hitch it up to a powerful enough truck and tow it to wherever you live and then park it wherever you like. This tiny house design was built on a triple axle 28 foot long trailer that can withstand around 20,000 pounds of weight. The other option is a double axle trailer which is more popular, but they can usually only take about 10,000 pounds of weight on them.

The exterior is done partially with wood lap siding, and then the rest is done in corrugated metal siding which looks very modern and is a popular choice for homes of all sizes these days. There's even a little built on shed on the back of the tiny house on wheels which most likely holds the propane tank and any other items like that. Inside, the home has a very open layout and clear sight lines which makes for a very spacious and open feel in the house. They painted everything white which also creates the illusion of more space, and the windows also create a light and airy feeling in the house. The home has a total of 307 square feet in total with 207 square feet of space on the main floor and 100 square feet in the loft area. The home can sleep up to 6 people too because of all the different convertible spaces. They also installed a high-efficiency HVAC system and used spray foam insulation which means that the tiny house would be great in any climate and is very well insulated against heat and cold. Plus it will be very well ventilated which will keep it from having mould or mildew issues. In the home, there's also an on-demand propane water heater which is great to have for endless hot water. These are also smaller units that fit perfectly in a tiny house design.

While many tiny houses use smaller mini appliances, this tiny house design includes the full-sized kitchen appliances that are stainless steel for a very modern look. They also used some really beautiful recycled marble countertops in the kitchen as well as some nice looking grey cabinets. The huge sink is a major advantage in a tiny house design too, and the farmhouse style is really lovely as well. The builders created a custom tiled shower that looks really stylish with some white subway tiles and black grout, with some accent tiles in the middle. There is a dual-flush toilet in this unit which would make it best for a place with sewage hookups. Throughout the home is LED Lighting which will make the house very efficient and they even installed USB outlets for a very modern home. Enjoy taking the full tour of this great tiny house design and see if you could imagine living in it yourself.***

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