How to Add a Shelf to an IKEA Expedit - 4 Shelves for Only $20!

Everyone loves Ikea's Expedit shelving, and most people have it incorporated into their home in some way. They have a few different options for this shelving unit, one being the smaller unit with only 4 cubbies, then there's one with 8 cubbies and one with 16 cubbies and one with a total of 25 cubbies. The Expedit units were actually discontinued around 2014, and many people were really sad about that because of how great these shelving units were. Ikea did, however, replace the Expedit with another, new and improved version of itself called Kallax. So why did they choose to do away with the units? Since Ikea uses so much wood in making their products, even if it's just for the veneer on the pieces that make a shelf. So to use less wood in the making of the shelves, they made the thickness of the outer edge of the shelving unit a bit thinner. It might seem like such a small and unimportant change, but it's actually going to save tons of wood and money on manufacturing costs even just for a few inches off each piece. The Kallax shelves look just as great, if not a bit better, because of their sleeker look, and they are also more scratch resistant too. They also still fit vinyl in them which is one of the reasons people liked them so much.

So if you own an Expedit or a Kallax, you can expand the usability of these shelves by adding smaller shelves inside of the larger cubbies. Sometimes the cubbies are just too large, and you don't use up the space, or you have smaller boxes you want to put in the spaces. So adding a shelf will allow you to get more out of your Expedit or Kallax shelves. You can then use multiple smaller-sized boxes in each cube without having to stack them on top of each other making them easier to get to. This tutorial from All Things G & D will teach you the easy way to install these little compartments into your shelving unit without needing any fancy power tools or supplies. Dusty from All Things G & D came up with these diy ideas all on her own to make her own diy furniture modifications. So if you're ready to do some diy furniture modifications to your Expedit or Kallax shelves, this is the diy tutorial for you. All you need for this diy furniture tutorial will be some Laminate Shelving

3/4 inch Corner Braces - you'll need 4 per shelf you're installing to keep them secure. Then you'll also need #6 x 1/2 inch screws, a Ruler, a Level, a Drill and a Pencil.

Start out by knowing what size of boxes you'd like to store on the shelf, and make sure you place your shelves at the right height to give the box enough space to go in. Also, she mentions that you'll want to stagger the placement of your inner shelves so that you don't screw into the same spot again. Then, you'll have to cut your shelving to the width of the cubbies or have them cut at the store before you leave. Once you find the height you want the shelves to be at, screw in your brackets and then place your shelf on top. Now you'll have some great extra shelves to use to make your space more organized and efficient. Make sure you head over to the All Things G & D for the full tutorial and check out all of the photos too. Check back for more diy ideas soon.***

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