How to Clean Microfiber With Professional Results

Our furniture really takes on a lot of wear and tear over the years. That's why it's important to learn the proper ways to clean your furniture when you need to as well as how to get stains out of it when they happen. When it comes to cleaning furniture, there are a few cleaning tips that will make things easier for you. You'll find that every piece of furniture is prone to some kind of staining, from food stains and drink stains to pen and marker ink stains and more. Especially if you have kids. Accidents happen though so it's just good to have some different ways to deal with these things in mind, so you know what to do when the time comes. Mallory from Classy Clutter teaches us her cleaning tips for cleaning furniture that's been stained. More specifically, she's teaching us how to clean microfiber furniture which can be pretty tricky to clean as well. If you have microfiber furniture and you've ever tried to clean it with regular stain removal techniques, you know that the results can turn out pretty badly. Microfiber has a tendency to develop water rings around the area that's been cleaned which cause even more of a stain that looks unsightly.

So instead of cleaning furniture the same way you usually would, make sure you check your label on your microfiber furniture to see how it should be cleaned. There will be some information telling you if your particular piece of furniture should be cleaned with water or not or if it should be cleaned with detergents or not. Usually, microfiber doesn't need detergents to be cleaned, and they could potentially ruin the fabric, so it's best to keep them away. Instead, people, including Mallory, have found that the best cleaner for microfiber furniture is usually rubbing alcohol which you will be using in this cleaning tip. When she had pen marks on her microfiber couch, she used rubbing alcohol to remove them with ease, and it left her couch looking like it had been professionally cleaned. Then, she tried it on some other stains, and it totally worked that time too, so now she's sharing exactly how to clean furniture using rubbing alcohol. She added some extra tools to her cleaning method this time to get the stains out, and they worked really well, so now you can try this on your microfiber furniture too.

All you need is some rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, a cleaning brush and some cleaning sponges. So fill up your spray bottle with some rubbing alcohol, just the straight rubbing alcohol will be best for this cleaning tip, so don't dilute it this time. Then, spray the area with the alcohol saturating it really well. Then, take your scrubbing sponge and with the abrasive side, start scrubbing the area really well. This will lift out any stains you have on the couch by pulling it out of the fibres. Then, while the fabric is all dry, take your brush and brush the fabric in circular motions to fluff up the fibres once again and restore the original look of the couch. You'll see that the couch looks almost as great as new when you're finished with these cleaning tips. Now cleaning furniture doesn't have to require a professional cleaner and tons of money. Just some simple rubbing alcohol and some simple tools is all you'll need to get your couch looking good again. Try it out on your microfiber furniture and pass this along to anyone you know who owns microfiber furniture as well.***

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