I Bet You'll Love This Stunning Luxury Tiny Home With Large Roll-up Garage & Sliding Glass Doors On Each Opposite Walls

When it comes to tiny house design, there are a ton of amazing projects out there, and seem to be more popping up all the time. This is one of the stylish, handcrafted designs from New Frontier Tiny Homes, a company in the US. They love creating practical, luxury spaces for people and they take tiny house design to another level really. At first, the tiny house movement was born out of necessity, making small, practical spaces for people who needed and wanted affordable housing solutions or homes on the go. While that is still a huge part of the tiny house movement, there is another layer of it that's become popular recently, and that's the idea of luxury tiny homes. A luxury tiny house on wheels might cost more than your average tiny house build and is for those who are downsizing but who have the financial means to put some of the highest quality materials and fixtures into their space. So before, a bathtub wasn't really viewed as a necessity in a tiny house on wheels, but with these luxury tiny houses, the sky is the limit. It's about having what you need and what you love in one small space so that you'll love tiny house living and want to stay doing it for a long time.

This particular tiny house design from the company is called The Escher, and it's a gorgeous home on a gooseneck trailer. This is the company's most recent design, and it's just stunning. The main feature is the amazing built-in roll-up garage door, as well as the large sliding glass door parallel to it on the other side of the home. New Frontier Tiny Homes has been known for their huge doors that they incorporate into their designs which completely open up the smaller spaces. You could have a deck on one side or the other, or even both to extend the living space exponentially. The glass garage door also creates an industrial style which is so popular in design at the moment, and it makes it feel like a studio loft apartment in a city. Very similar to their other designs, this tiny house features an elevated kitchen which has so much space and features a full sized fridge and a huge gas range on the countertop. There's also a dishwasher right across from the stove top as well as an all in one washer drier combo unit. The large farmhouse style sink is another great feature of the kitchen as well as the bright copper backsplash.

Through the galley style kitchen, up a few steps, they utilized the gooseneck trailer for the bedroom area. The bed fits perfectly into the space and has a nice, large window at the head of the bed as well as on either side. There's no room to walk around the bed, so the only way to exit is from the bottom of the bed. There are also sliding doors to close the bedroom off for privacy. Underneath the bed is some amazing storage space for clothes and other items, so the bed just lifts up to reveal this storage space which is pretty cool. In the centre of this home, there's space for a living room area as well as some great furniture that pulls out from under the kitchen area. There's a small table with block seating all the way up to a full on dining table with bench seating and enough space to seat six people comfortably. That's not all even, on the other end of the house there's, even more, to enjoy so make sure you check out all of the photos to see how impressive this design really is.***

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