Now This Is What I Call a Unique Piece of Furniture

This lovely Enclosed Red Cedar Nightstand is the perfect addition to any log cabin home bedroom, with a unique look and rustic design. This red cedar nightstand is priced at $495 built from aromatic E ... read more

The Best Way to Make Your Log Cabin Interior 100% Unique

This fireside square coffee table set is the perfect addition to any log cabin fireplace sitting area. This log furniture is hand crafted in Minnesota, with a square cedar log coffee table that featur ... read more

Hand Carved Furniture That Redefines the Word 'Office'

You will want to take a closer look at this executive office hand carved wood furniture. This log furniture executive desk has matching credenzas, a log furniture filing system, and an office chair. T ... read more

Chainsaw Art and Garden Carvings London

This rustic wood furniture Chainsaw Art and Garden Carvings London are a nice way to get some outdoor rustic wood furniture while taking care of your old trees. When it comes time for some of the tree ... read more

Lighted Cracked Log Lamps

You will want to take a closer look at these beautiful Lighted Cracked Log Lamps. These lighted cracked log lamps are created by legally blind artist, Duncan Meerding. Meerding is from Tasmania, and h ... read more

Make Wood Last With Fire AKA Yakisugi! (Not Paint!)

You will want to watch this short video on how to Make Wood Last With Fire AKA Yakisugi! (Not Paint!). Yakisugi is the ancient Japanese technique of preserving the exterior wooden siding. The wood tec ... read more

DIY: How to make concrete look like wood flooring!

If you’ve been considering a garage, basement, or ground floor makeover and want to do something about that harsh-looking concrete floor, then look no further. Here’s an awesome DIY tutorial on how t ... read more

Why Every Log House Lover Dreams of a Handcrafted Home

It can be exciting to think about building a new home, especially a log home. Even if you are not building a log home, you will be sure to be inspired by these Stunning Exterior Photos of Handcrafted ... read more

Amazing Rustic Wood Arbor

This Amazing Rustic Wood Arbor fits in perfectly with this unique stone house design, for a look that is original and appealing. You can learn to build this rustic wood arbor design, along with a wide ... read more

How to Make a Concrete Floor Look Like Hardwood

Have you been thinking about renovating your basement, garage, or ground floor and wondering how to make that harsh concrete look a little more inviting? Then you might want to check out this YouTube ... read more

A Log Home That Will Evoke Gasps of Envy from Your Friends and Guests

This log home balcony looks like one of the coziest and inviting log cabin patios you will find. Every detail of this log cabin design adds warmth and visual log home appeal. One of the reasons that t ... read more

Simple and Elegant, with Enormous Space-Saving Potential (Click for Floor Plan)

This Craftsman style ePlans Tiny Home 138 is the perfect tiny house to use as a starter home or for your retirement plans. The charming two bedrooms, one story tiny house has one bathroom and a living ... read more

How to Use a Tree to Make Your House Design Unique

When it comes to log furniture, one of the best things you can do is to incorporate a living tree into your home design! It is the ultimate in sustainable and eco-friendly furniture design, not only d ... read more

Wonderful and wacky works of art! Chainsaw carving at it's best!

There are so many wonderful and wacky works of art! Chainsaw carving at it's best! You just can't stop looking at this incredible piece of chainsaw carving log furniture, it's is truly something. The ... read more

Amazing Bench Carving By Peter Leadbeater

Log furniture is extremely underrated in a society that values cheaply priced and even more cheaply made sleek and ‘modern’ furniture. While all but gone are the days of rustic log furniture, carved w ... read more

Salvaged logs become art with idealistic landscapes painted on them!

Wow, you want to take a look at these beautiful Salvaged logs become art with idealistic landscapes painted on them! The intriguing log art is created by artist Alison Moritsugu and give new life to f ... read more

How to Breed Trolls with a Chainsaw

This "Cool Chainsaw Carved Bench By Janusz Wędzicha" is a fun chainsaw piece that would be great placed in a park or backyard with lots of trees. It looks like the troll just walked out of the f ... read more

Stunning Horse Water Fountain

If you like horses you will love this "Stunning Horse Water Fountain" carved by artist Patricia Borum. On her site you will several amazing horse art made from bronze, classical horse fountains and m ... read more

See How a House Was Built around Living Trees (the Staircase Isn't the Coolest Detail)

This "Spiral Staircase from Fallen Cedar Tree" is just aspect of this lovely and unique home called Tree House. Incorporating a fallen cedar tree into the spiral tree is a great way to make use of ma ... read more
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