Make A Plastic Garbage Can Look High End

When it comes to diy ideas, there are so many great ways you can add your own style to your home. This is one of the many do it yourself home improvements from Hometalk, the world's largest diy community. You can go on there and find so many do it yourself home improvements, as well as ones for your garden and yard. Users can sign up, create a profile that links to their own website, and then share their diy ideas and projects with everyone. It's all free too, so it's a great place to go and interact with other diy'ers without having to pay a membership fee like other networks ask for. You can have so much fun with little diy projects like this one where you'll learn how to update and personalize your garbage can. If you have a garbage can that just sits out in your kitchen instead of hidden away in the cabinet, you'd probably like it to look a little nicer than just a plain, plastic bin too. You can use this diy idea for any plastic bin too, and you could maybe try it out on plastic planters as well.

So all you need is a plastic bin and some paint. This Hometalk user primed her large garbage bin with Rustoleum's Plastic Primer and then she painted it with a medium shade brown paint. She allowed that to dry completely before she sponged a darker brown colour all over and she even added another layer of even darker colour. Once she was satisfied with the look, she allowed the paint to dry and then she used a stencil with metallic gold paint to paint the design on. After it's all done being painted, you'll want to seal the entire bin with a spray paint varnish to protect the paint job from chipping. After painting her garbage can, she doesn't mind it being out in the open for everyone to see because of the compliments she gets on it. If the style of paint she did on her garbage can isn't your style, you can do any style you'd like. If you have a white garbage can and want it to be black, you can just paint it a matte black colour, or maybe even a bright colour if you like. A bright yellow would be nice for a kitchen, or even a red, depending on the style of your kitchen. A darker slate grey would even look great, or how about a metallic spray paint for something really modern and stylish?

Whenever you're painting plastic, you should always sand it a little to rough up the smooth surface so that the paint will stick to it better. You can use a fine grit sandpaper, so you don't get too many scratch marks. Play around with the sanding to see what gives you the best results. Then always use a primer spray paint first too as this Hometalk member did. This will help the paint stick to the plastic even more, as the primer gives it a solid base. Also, the primer is great for if you're trying to make your darker garbage can a lighter colour. You may even need to do multiple layers of a lighter paint colour on a darker coloured bin to get the desired look. Spraying that final coat of sealant will help to prevent the paint from chipping off of the plastic which is important. Plus, it will help keep the paint in place even if you have to wipe down your garbage can which is done quite a bit. Enjoy this diy idea and try it out sometime.***

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