Making Old Discolored Grout Look Like New

Different types floors definitely have different ways they need to be cleaned, and there are some methods that work great, while others fall short. With tile flooring that has grout, there is a whole other method for cleaning that will clean the grout to bring it back to its original colour, which can be really tricky for lighter coloured grout. You may have tried many different cleaning tips and floor cleaning products to get your tile grout looking good again from vinegar to baking soda and even bleach and harsher chemical cleaners. So did Sherry from Young House Love who comes to us with her newfound cleaning tips for cleaning grout in tile. She had even tried a steam mop that she borrowed from a friend, some Barkeeper's Friend and Mr Clean Magic Erasers which are known to remove some of the toughest of stains. Nothing seemed to work, and the dirt and stains on her grout wouldn't budge. She was thinking about having to chip out all of the grout to redo it, but that just seemed like way too much work. So she got word of a new product called Polyblend Grout Renew.

When she tried it, the product worked amazingly, and she wished that she had used it in the first place. Even though it took around 8 hours to apply, it was the perfect way to get their tiles looking like they had just been installed recently. There were a bunch of different colours of the Grout Renew, but Sherry and her husband John chose the Oyster Gray colour which created a great contrast to the darker grey tiles they had. Plus, the lighter colour would totally cover up any really bad discolourations on the grout, and it would just make everything look cleaner and fresher. White and lighter colours always have a tendency to make everything look cleaner. The way the product is applied to the grout is with a tiny little paint brush which you can imagine would take a very long time. Even though it takes a long time, it's better than having to chip away and replace all of the grout instead. So they started in the bathroom with their little craft brush and the grout renewing product and worked their way out into the hall and entrance way. They strategically painted the grout leaving areas to walk in the halls so as not to mess up the painted grout. The entire process took around 3 days and about 8 hours in total, but it was good to stretch it out because it sucks having to be on the floor for so long.

Once they were done painting the last area of tile, they let it sit for at least 72 hours making sure it didn't get wet. The finished results are amazing, and the new colour really brings the tile up to date and even makes their home look a little more modern. They also made an update on how the grout renew is holding up after two years of foot traffic with muddy and wet shoes and puppy paws and floor cleaning. It's great to know that their grout still looks the same as it did when they first applied it. So if you have tried all of the floor cleaning products and cleaning tips under the sun to get your grout looking good again, you might want to try some of this Polyblend Grout Renew which seems to work like a charm. If you can't find it anywhere in your area, you can also order it online from***

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