Montana Artists Build Teardrop Trailer Using Wrecked Auto Parts

This has to be one of the coolest diy ideas you've ever seen. Montana artists Mark and Kelly Harro built their very own teardrop trailer using old parts and a lot of creativity. Most often, when people are looking to buy an RV or a travel trailer, they'll go out and purchase a brand new one from an RV lot or show. There are so many different RV's and travel trailers available now and with so many people enjoying camping these days, they're a pretty popular item. These trailers can also cost quite a fair amount too when you're buying them new. So if you're like Mark and Kelly, you may want to find ways to recycle old parts to come up with a creation of your own, or you can find a used trailer to spruce up as well. Kelly had read about teardrop trailers in one of her art history classes. She instantly became obsessed and started looking online for whatever information she could find on them. First she began pinning all of her ideas on Pinterest, and quickly she realized that as an artist, she wanted to create her own teardrop trailer with her husband Mark and it became one of their fun projects to do together.

Teardrop trailers have been around for quite some time, and in the 1930s they became really popular. They were actually sold as a diy kit that could be built by the customer. But Kelly and Mark decided that they wanted to excite their own diy ideas and plans. While it wasn't all fun and games, the project really came together amazingly for the couple. With any building project there are things that don't go quite as smoothly as you may have hoped, but none the less you keep on building. Good thing they had Sketch Up, a program that helped them to test out their designs on the computer instead of working with trial and error in real life. They created the tear drop design and got to building their little camper on wheels. Mark already had a little trailer that they found to be suitable for their project, so they painted it a beautiful blue colour and started building the camper on top of it. The walls and door were all created out of birch wood that was cut from templates they created from their plans and drawings. They painted and sealed the wood several times to ensure it would be weather proof and started to assemble the pieces. The couple says that the hardest part about the building process was the hatch at the back which reveals the kitchen. Even though it was the hardest part, it turned out to be well worth all of their effort because it's extremely adorable. There's a pull out stove, a sink and even a pass through window that goes into the sleeping area.

The bed area is so cozy looking and it even has outlets and lights for reading. Kelly used one of her grandmother's old quilts to make a duvet for their bed and they even made a storage shelf out of recycled seat belts. They really found some creative ways to recycle many different things, including some tires from a car as well. The Trailer For Two as the couple calls it looks like the perfect little trailer to have for backpacking and life on the road and the couple has already tested it out as they show in their video. It's hard not to be inspired by this couple's amazing work, and maybe you'll even want to add building a teardrop trailer to your list of projects to do.***

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