Pallet Board Towel Holder

Do you need some more hooks to hang your towels on? Why not make something homemade out of pallets. There are so many diy ideas out there these days for pallet projects. They range from being really simple like this one, to being quite elaborate like a pallet swing or a deconstructed pallet bed. The hardest part of any pallet project, is of course, taking the pallet apart. Sometimes these things can be really nailed together and hard to pry apart, but having a pry bar and some patience can really help. Having a really long pry bar or just a pole that can be latched onto the pry bar can help to gain some more leverage under each of the boards. Hammering the boards also helps too, but you have to be very careful when you're taking a pallet apart this way not to crack the boards. That's why taking your time is going to yield you the best results with the most pallet boards that are useable. You may also have to remove nails and do a good sanding on the boards to make them look good. You can even plane them as well to make the boards more consistent.

This is one of the pallet projects that you'll need a deconstructed pallet for. Or, you can always use some thin wood boards either new or recycled if you like. Just take a thin piece of wood and then several other small pieces of wood and then you can sand and stain them and seal them before you attach them all together. Once you have the arrangement you like and the colour of wood you like, just screw each of the boards side by side onto the thinner piece of wood. Then you can attach your hooks or small door knobs onto the pieces of wood in the arrangement you like. On Hometalk, they used a few antique style door knobs to create the towel hooks for their bathroom towels. Then, they also created a cute wooden sign also made out of pallet wood and spray painted the word TOWELS with letter stencils onto the wood. The finished result looks really cute and is like a cool, rustic shabby chic diy idea for any room in your home. Having one of these for dish cloths in your kitchen would be great too.

You could even use these same diy ideas to make your own jewellery organizer. Just use little hooks and a piece of recycled wood to create something really special to put your jewellery on display on making it easier to get to the pieces you want to wear. For these diy ideas you could also use pieces of drift wood or sticks from the forest, just whatever you can find in your environment. An old wooden sign or some barn wood would also make a great piece of wood to use for diy ideas like this one. Enjoy trying this diy project out if you decide to and be sure to share the ideas with your friends. If you're interested in learning more diy ideas, just head over to Hometalk, which is the worlds largest diy community. There are hundreds of users and members who share their own diy ideas as well as links to websites with more diy ideas on them. Making your own home items is a great way to add style and personality to your home, making it more your own instead of buying items that are mass produced in a factory. Even if you don't think you're all that crafty, just try some of the easy diy ideas out and you'll probably be surprised by how much fun you have with them.***

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