Playhouse or Storage Shed From Recycled Wood

This is a lovely playhouse that was built for the grandkids. The tiny house design is 12 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 14 feet high. About 60 percent of the eco building was made from recycled wood. During the winter months, the playhouse is used for a storage shed. The tiny house design has 22 exterior walls with 13 windows. The building process for this tiny house design was started by constructing the floor of the shed outside. This tiny house design was built during the winter time, so most of the framing for the shed was done indoors. All of the walls and the roof for this tiny house design were built in sections. Once the main frame was built, they were taken outside where everything was put together. The tiny shed has two layers of sheathing, with the first layer being made from reclaimed 1/2 inch plywood strips that the owner and builder got from shipping crates, and the second layer used is called Hardie board. The reason the tiny house design was built with two layers is that the entire tiny shed was built using (free) 2 by two spruce lumber which was discarded building material from a sawmill. All of the trim and the windows for the tiny house design and eco building are made from rough pine. The window frames were built, and then the local lumber yard cut all the glass. The roof was the most work, as it has 12 hips and 12 valleys. That is a fair bit of work when building this tiny house design, especially when it comes to shingling it.

Using reclaimed and recycled building materials for this tiny house design and shed is a concept that blends seamlessly with eco-friendly home building and green building design. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to use building materials that have been reclaimed, reused, or recycled, and youll add instant value and some unique charm to your home design. Not to mention, the resources that you will be saving by choosing vintage options instead of brand new building materials. There are several ways to build your tiny house design using reclaimed and recycled building materials. You might opt to piece together items from different businesses that specialize in recovered floors, timbers and siding. Or you might work with one company that offers all of your reclaimed building materials under one roof. Or you might salvage all sorts of building materials over time to build the tiny house design of your dreams. Depending on what items youre looking for and the extent that you want to incorporate these building materials into your tiny house design is up to you. Finding reclaimed building materials takes some creativity and planning, but there are options.

The most obvious, and maybe the easiest method is to hire a company that is in the field of reclaimed building materials, but if you want to get your hands a bit dirty, there are some ideas you can do yourself. Common places for items like reclaimed timber range from old factories to agrarian buildings, so going to farm auctions might be a good idea. If you are interested in taking the initiative in your building material search, researching old buildings and real estate is another easy option. Only you will know exactly what sort of reclaimed items you want for your eco building and green building, and doing the legwork yourself is a good way to achieve the desired outcome. In addition to keeping these one-of-a-kind building materials out of the landfills, using reclaimed building products in your eco building will provide other benefits such as cost savings and less maintenance.

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