Save Time, Money, and Energy! Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

Save money, energy and time by learning how to make your own dryer balls. With this easy and inexpensive DIY idea you'll never have to buy another fabric softener product again, and you can also cut your laundry drying time in half. All this with these simple woollen dryer balls. Wool dryer balls can save you money, time and energy by cutting the dryers drying time and by eliminating the need to buy fabric softeners. When you use four dryer balls in your dryer, you can cut your drying time by 25 to 50 percent. The reason for this is that the woollen dryer balls circulate and separate the clothing and get the warm, dry into the core of the laundry load. The more dryer balls you add, the faster the drying time will be. These wool dryer balls also help to soften your clothes through gentle friction of the felted wool fibers against that of your clothing fibers. And to make this diy idea all the better, these easy to make dryer balls can last for years. And they are so easy to make, all you need is some wool yarn and a pair of pantyhose. These also make a nice gift. For the full tutorial you will want to look at the One Good Thing site.

To make this DIY idea and natural cleaner for your laundry, you will need a skein of 100 percent wool yarn. One skein shouldn't cost you more than five dollars, and you should be able to get four dryer balls out of it. To start this diy idea, wrap the wool yarn around your fingers about 20 times and then slip the yarn off and wrap it around the middle of that circle you just made about 20 more times. Then you will want to pinch the beginnings of your wool yarn ball together and keep wrapping the yarn around. Make sure you wrap the wool yarn nice and tight. Tuck the end of the wool yarn under some of the other strands of wool yarn to help secure. You'll want to repeat those steps until you've made the number of dryer balls you'd like. For the full step by step tutorial on this DIY idea and project to do for wool dryer balls, you will want to take a look at the One Good Thing site.

Then toss the pantyhose into the washing machine using the hottest water you can, and then into the dryer. Remember for this DIY idea, that the hotter the water, the better. This is because the hot water will help to speed up the felting process. You will want to look at The One Good Thing site to see the entire step by step diy idea. After drying the fibers in the laundry dryer balls will fuse, and become much smoother and tighter. At this point, you can even do another layer of wood yarn and felt all over again if you want a larger-sized dryer ball. You want to keep in mind that the dryer balls will get a bit smaller over time as they continue to felt. A nice idea is to add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the dryer balls before you throw them into the dryer to use with your laundry. A good choice is lavender essential oil, so your clothes will come out smelling lovely. And the essential oil scent should last through several loads.

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