Take A Look At This Unique And Interesting Work Truck Converted Into Stealth Tiny House

If you're looking for a stealth tiny house on wheels you can park pretty much anywhere, check out this cool idea to turn a cube truck into a tiny house design. From the outside, it looks like just your average work truck. Or even a moving truck that you'd expect to be hauling boxes and furniture. When actually, it's a cool home inside with everything you'd need to live quite comfortably. The other great thing is that this tiny house on wheels is completely off-grid. It's also currently for sale for only $15,000 everything included. When you step into the truck through the side door that camouflages into the side of the truck, you'll see how much of a home this space has been turned into. Even though it's pretty basic, this 138 square foot interior has everything you'd need. Such as a kitchen with solid wood cabinets and a long countertop with a porcelain double sink with an elevated dish drying rack. There's also a 3 burner liquid propane Atwood stove and oven that can fit most foods in it. The kitchen also features a Hisense 2 door 3.3 cubic foot compact fridge to store food in as well.

Also installed is 4-inch wall foam insulation which keeps the place nice and toasty along with the 16,000 BTU liquid propane Suburban exterior exhausted heater. The unit is also kept cool in the summer with an 8,000 BTU electric digital air conditioner with a remote. There are 7 outlets wired for 110 volt A.C. power for powering simple items and a 48 Gallon clean water tank as well as a 55-gallon grey water on the exterior of the home. There's even a shower within this tiny house on wheels which is pretty awesome for a truck home like this one. Usually, with van homes, people will have to find another way to have their showers and go to the bathroom when needed. The tankless on demand hot water heater will provide hot water for the showers efficiently and quickly. For the bed, there's a Murphey twin bed that folds down when needed, and for workspace, there's a unit with a bench and a table that can also be used for dining. Also included is the Hitachi projection and screen with a DVD player for entertainment in the tiny house design which would be great for watching shows and movies on as well as some Netflix if you had Wifi where you parked it.

The great thing about this truck tiny house design is that it's pretty stealthy, which means it could fit into any surrounding. Usually, trucks like this are nothing out of the ordinary in cities where deliveries are often made so you could park something like this in a mall parking lot or a Walmart parking lot and not gain too much attention. The only thing is, to keep it on the down low, windows aren't installed in the back of the truck which makes it kind of dark. But they do have a couple of skylights within the truck which are great for allowing some natural light into. There's also no toilet on the truck, so you would have to find some 24-hour bathrooms in the places you're staying in. This would be a great sleeping option when travelling for work or for pleasure instead of having to rent out hotel rooms all the time. Some people also make vans into tiny house designs, but this truck just allows for more livable space. Enjoy taking the tour of this tiny house truck and remember, it is still for sale.***

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