Take A Tour At This Amazing Beautiful Tiny House The Escher From New Frontier Tiny Home

The Escher is the latest tiny house design from New Frontier tiny homes. The tiny cabin on wheels has a unique exterior with a combination of wood, shou sugi ban wood and corrugated metal. You can't help but love all the unique details on this tiny cabin on wheels from the awning on the side of the tiny house design to the large roll down windows; there is so much to be inspired by with this home. The dark wood floors and use of windows make for an appealing design once inside. The kitchen is a step up, which gives space for storage underneath. The kitchen also has an apron sink giving way to a farmhouse look inside this tiny house design. And outside the added shelf can be used as a bar with the window to inside. This tiny house design has a nice sized kitchen with a good sized stove making it perfect for entertaining. And the bedroom on the main floor is also a step up from the kitchen. Shelving along the walls, and a place to hang your pots makes for efficient use of space in this tiny house design. There is also an area in the back that can be used as an office space, which is where the ladder is to go to the upstairs sleeping loft. Speaking of the upstairs sleeping loft, this is one of the nicer sleeping lofts you will find in a tiny house design.

The loft is separated into one side that can be used for a playroom, and the other is a nice sized bedroom with plenty of windows. And you will want to take a look at the hidden dining room table and chairs that hide beneath the stairs that lead up to the kitchen. Once you take them out you have a full dining seating area that sits in front of the large window; this is the perfect tiny house design for entertaining. And you'll love the bathroom with its exposed beams and beautiful shower. This is a beautifully designed tiny cabin on wheels that could be used for a variety of uses from full time living to use as a vacation home.

Sure, there are all sorts of benefits to a tiny cabin on wheels and small house living, from saving money to doing away with clutter and simplifying your life. But one of the biggest benefits of a tiny cabin on wheels is the fact that you have the freedom to move house when you choose. You can your tiny cabin on wheels traveling if you so choose. That makes the biggest benefit of having a tiny house design in its ability to just hitch it up to a truck and drive it away to a new location. Whether you are trying to move to a new piece of land or just go on vacation without having to pack up all those suitcases, cookware and everything else you take when you travel. Besides what better way to travel than in your very own home. It is important to note that different tiny house designs are built in different ways. Some are equipped with rainwater collection and some with solar panels. These tiny house designs are designed to live completely off the grid and can be parked just about anywhere you desire. Other tiny house designs are built more traditionally and need power and water hookups. These tiny cabins on wheels are better suited to dedicated plots of land or RV/mobile home parking.

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