The Benefits of Cannabis Against Multiple Sclerosis: Slowed Development and Reduced Pain

More and more you hear about the use of cannabis as a herbal medicine and natural cure for a list of ailments. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the regenerative effects that cannabis has on diseases such as MS and Parkinson's, which makes the medical use of cannabis increasingly prevalent in the lives of many patients. In Latin America, the legalisation of therapeutic cannabis as a herbal medicine is on a roll, and in Spain, people use cannabis as a natural medicine to help in the relief from the symptoms of MS with Sativex, which is a drug developed by GW Pharma. Although the effects of Sativex have been praised by its patients and physicians, there still needs to be a greater awareness of cannabis consumption, as cannabis is one of the main pain management solutions and natural medicines in cases of pathologies pain.

Cannabis used as a herbal medicine can slow the disease's development. The destruction of the myelin sheaths in nerve fibres produced by Multiple Sclerosis may be reversible in some cases; it is however still a chronic disease. Which means that there currently is no cure, but there are different treatments and options that are aimed at slowing the development of the disease and helping to minimize its symptoms. A study by the Spanish Multiple Sclerosis Journal on the therapeutic properties of cannabis put forward that the endocannabinoid system as a possible therapeutic target. This system is based on the positive interaction that occurs between the cannabinoid components, such as THC, and the CB1 and the CB2 receptors. The interaction between these types of brain proteins and that of THC has a mediating effect on the neuronal degeneration which occurs during the inflammatory processes, thereby maintaining high-quality neural connections.

Using cannabis as a herbal medicine may help to decrease the pain that is associated with the disease because of its anti-inflammatory power. MS patients suffer on a daily basis as a result of pain. Climbing stairs can often be a difficult task, and even the most potent painkiller is no solution. It is at this point that many people turn to cannabis as a last resort. These patients may experience improvements in their quality of life because of their reduced pain, and it is best to start treatments with cannabis as a natural medicine during the initial phase of the disease. The effects of cannabis as a natural medicine on degenerative diseases are more intense during the first months of using, when its regenerative power of cannabis has a greater impact, and it is easier to slow the disease. This was the conclusion that was drawn in the journal Nature Going Smart. It is important to note that cannabis cannot generate new neuronal cells out of nowhere, but cannabis can act as a protector, not as a creator, which is why it is so important to begin treatment in time. It is very sad that some patients are not given the opportunity to choose the natural medicine that they want and that the health system does not provide information about treatment with cannabinoids so that they can decide for themselves. Brugnatelli is the creator of the Nature Going Smart, which is dedicated to disclosing the efficacy of plants such as cannabis at reversing the effects of neurodegenerative diseases and different types of cancer. In Spain, in regions like Catalonia and the Basque Country, they are increasingly opting to inform their patients about this kind of natural medicine and therapy.

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