The Non-Toxic Way to Remove Hard Water From Windows

Do your windows look cloudy and full of water spots? Sarah from Life Should Cost Less had the same issue. The people who owned her house before her had their sprinklers set in a way that they would hit one of their windows directly. Over the years, the hard water deposits piled up and the window was hardly even transparent anymore; she couldn't even see out of it. Her husband set the sprinklers so they don't hit the window anymore but she was still left to deal with the cloudy window. Just like Sarah, you're probably wanting to have as much natural light in your home as you can, and having clear windows is the biggest part of that. Of course, you can buy some CLR, which works really well on hard water deposits and stains, but if you're like Sarah, you probably don't like to have a lot of chemical cleaners in your home. So she found out some cleaning tips to remove hard water stains from windows using all natural cleaners. You could also use this on your glass shower doors if they are starting to have some hard water build up on them too.

Hard water is filled with minerals that cause the hard water stains on surfaces. The water evaporates, leaving the minerals behind and you're left with the difficult to remove spots that just get worse over time. To prevent hard water stains altogether, you can invest in a water softener, but these can be expensive, so if you just need cleaning tips to take care of them, luckily there are some great ones out there. All you need is a Razor Blade Scraper with a handle. That's absolutely it. Just start with a clean, fresh razor blade and start scraping the hard water stains right off your glass. A couple of cleaning tips for this so that you don't scratch your windows is to make sure that you use an even pressure and hold the blade at an angle to the window. Also, change the blade as needed if it's a little dull, you may have to do this about half way through scraping your window. As you're scraping just wipe off the blade after it has too much of the powder on it. Sarah also recommends starting in the middle of the window and work your way out for the best results, and you can also wear a dust mask if the powder from the dust gets to be too much.

The results she shares are incredible, and it's hard to believe it's not a brand new window in her home. It's so clear and clean. After you're done scraping all of the gunk off, you're going to want to clean your windows on the inside and outside too. You can use natural cleaners for cleaning your windows by mixing up white distilled vinegar with water and some lemon juice. Just mix all of the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake it up before using. Use a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 4 cups of warm water. White vinegar can also be used on hard water stains because it is so acidic, it helps to break down the hard water stains to make it easier to clean them up. If you have really stubborn stains, allow the mixture to sit on the surface of the glass for an hour or so which will give it a good chance to work really well. Then, just scrub with a gentle scrubbing pad and rinse with hot water. You will be so happy to see through your windows again.***

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