These are “The Bomb!” Make DIY Fizzers for Household Cleaning

If you want to keep your sink smelling clean and fresh, and your toilet sparkling between regular cleanings, then you will want to try making this DIY idea for cleaner fizzers. Fizzers also known as cleaning bombs are the perfect addition to any cleaning routing. You can make a bunch of them, and store them in a nice jar to use when needed. And then whenever your sink, tub or toilet needs a little extra TLC, simply drop one in and let the cleaning action begin. These little fizzers and natural cleaners are easy to make, won't cost you a lot, and will help you with your cleaning. For the full tutorial, you will want to take a look at the eBay site for the full tutorial.

For this DIY idea and project to do you will need some baking soda, citric acid, diluted castile soap, a spray bottle and some essential oil. To make these natural cleaners, you need to measure out the baking soda and the citric acid into a large bowl. You can mix with your hands and then add about 20 drops of essential oil of your choice. Then add one part of castile soap to four parts of water into a spray bottle. At this point, you can start spritzing the top of the powder mixture lightly and then quickly mix with your hands. You can keep spritzing and mixing until the natural cleaner powder begins to hold together like that of wet snow. The natural cleaner mixture should stick together when you squish it in your fist. Work quickly at this stage of the diy idea and be careful to not over saturate the natural cleaner powder. If you add too much liquid to the mixture, you will see the mixture starting to fizz. Then press and roll the natural cleaner mixture into little balls, about one teaspoon each in size. Then set the fizzers on a sheet of parchment paper to let dry for 12 to 24 hours or until firm. Pack the little balls into a nice jar; you can label if you'd like, then they are ready to use. For the full step by step tutorial for this natural cleaner idea, you can look on the site.

You can also use this diy idea for other natural cleaner fizzers. Toilet bombs is another of the natural cleaner ideas you can make. Use disinfecting essential oils such as rosemary, tea tree oil or rosemary for extra help cleaning the toilet between regular cleanings. Rosemary, tea tree and peppermint essential oils are excellent at cleaning and removing odors. To this diy idea, you can add about eight drops of each essential oil to your natural cleaner recipe. For sink fizzers and garbage disposal refreshers. These fizzers are great for garbage disposal refreshers because oil and food can get stuck in the garbage disposal or the pipes, coating it with foul-smelling gunk that needs some extra help. Add some lemon and rosemary essential oils to help cut through the grease and to freshen up your pipes. Add one to three bombs into the garbage disposal, and run the water to help them do their work. Let each natural cleaner bomb fizz for a bit then flip the garbage disposal switch. For the kitchen sink, put the natural cleaner bombs in the strainer and run the water, the baking soda and the salt will flow down the drain and do the scrubbing for you.

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