This Alaskan Log Cabin Has One Heck Of A Story To Tell

For anyone who loves the great outdoors, living an off grid life might seem like the most appealing option ever. Much like Richard Proenneke, who went by Dick for short, who lived out in the wilderness as a naturalist. Dick had lived the off grid life in his log cabin for 30 years in the mountains of Alaska. He built the log cabin with his own hands and not much more than an axe near the shore of Twin Lakes which is just west of the Lake Clark Preserve and Wilderness. In the years he lived there, he hunted and fished, and grown and foraged for his own food. Sometimes he had certain supplies flown into his remote location. Many writers and filmmakers have visited him over the years, and some have published works about his natural lifestyle as an inspiration for others. Sam Keith who was a close friend of Dick wrote a book titled One Mans Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey which explores some of Dick's adventures in every day off grid life. Dick also kept his own journals and videotaped parts of his life over the years. Some of the information he wrote was very interesting data that he collected regarding the natural ecosystems and animal life. His journals were also used to write the books and to make documentaries about his life. He lived out on his land in his log cabin until he was 82 and amazingly never got sick, not even with a cold.

He moved back into civilisation to live with his brother at age 82 and lived with his brother in Californa until he passed away in 2003 at age 86. He left his log cabin to the National Park Service, and they have kept it as a monument to his life. It's become quite a popular place to visit while people are exploring the area. It shows people that an off grid life is possible and that we can still live in small log cabins as the first European settlers did. Dick was a carpenter in the United States Navy and worked for two years at Pearl Harbor and then was stationed in San Francisco, California. He contracted rheumatic fever following a hiking a mountain and was hospitalised for six months. After that Dick devoted his life to his health and wellness. He moved to Alaska where he worked as a mechanic and a fisherman saving his money for his retirement where he would build his own log cabin in the wilderness.

Many people still build their own log cabins, but unlike Dick, most people make use of power tools and other modern day luxuries. Some will also hire on log home builders to do the entire project for them as a stress-free way to have their cabin built. Small log cabins can also be built by purchasing a log home building kit which is manufactured by a company and is delivered to a site ready to be built. For people like Dick, building a log cabin is a wonderful accomplishment and is seen as a dream project. Learning some of the old log cabin building techniques and skills would be very interesting, and it would feel so good to build something like that with your own two hands. While living off grid in a log cabin in the remote Alaskan wilderness is not for everyone, more people are discovering the advantages to living an off grid life. A life that's filled with beauty and simplicity and a strong connection to nature. Dick is a great inspiration for anyone who is interested in living this way.***

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