This Couple's Natural Eco Tiny House Is a Place to Call Home

Much like many other places around the world, housing prices are at an all-time high in the cute little village of Tofino in British Columbia, Canada. This little town attracts tourists each year for the great surfing and just because of the charm the island village holds. So instead of continuing to rent, this couple decided to build a tiny house on wheels so they could own a home of their own while saving up to purchase land of their own. This is such a great idea, not just for younger people just starting out, but for others who are stuck in high mortgages who would rather have something a bit more affordable. Alan and Venita built their tiny house design entirely themselves from natural, eco-friendly materials which is pretty impressive, to say the least. It shows people what they can do if they're serious about minimizing and having a simpler, more affordable lifestyle. They started out by living in an RV first, and when the time came to give that up because it was getting too uncomfortable, they chose to build their beautiful tiny house on wheels. They bought the trailer and then the rest just followed.

The exterior is made up of a mixture of weatherboards and cedar shingles which really give their home the warm, cottage in the woods feel. They paid attention to detail with cute little accents here and there which really make their home even more interesting. They went with a metal roof which is quite typical for tiny house designs. Within their home, you'll notice how light and spacious it feels, even though the entire home is designed with wood finishes, which you'd think would make it feel kind of closed in. Just like the exterior, the wood really warms up the inside space, making it feel extremely welcoming. Many people choose to paint their walls white to allow even more light into the home, but you can see here that if you'd prefer to keep it all natural as this couple did, it looks just as great. The couple tried to use the most natural and non-toxic materials instead of using conventional materials and finishes that have high VOCs. Instead, they used natural oils and finishes for finishing the wood, and instead of using regular insulation, they used sheeps wool insulation. Another type of insulation people use in their tiny houses is an insulation made of denim which recycles old denim into housing insulation. Other people go with spray foam insulation which is nice and light, but it can be costly.

The living room is a very comfortable space with a sectional couch that's larger than most tiny house couches. They also created a great desk space so Alan can do his music. The desk and the kitchen counter top are both made out of a couple of beautiful pieces of live edge cedar they got as a gift from someone they know. The couch is also able to be moved around to provide comfortable seating at the desk, and it also has storage within it too like any good tiny house couch. People will either build their own tiny house furniture or go with Ikea furniture because it's so small and fits well in the tiny house design. They also incorporated some pieces of driftwood into their space which gives it that west coast style. They created stairs that lead up to their sleeping loft where they have their queen sized bed and windows all around. The other loft is home to a meditation space where they can chill out and relax and do their meditations in peace. This is such an inspiring build, so go over and take the full tour on the Living Big in a Tiny House YouTube channel.***

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