This Dad Shares His Secrets to Cleaning Dirty Mattress Stains

Mattress stains can be quite frustrating sometimes, especially the ones that have dried onto the mattress. There are, however, some simple cleaning tips and mattress cleaners you can try to remove them and this video from YouTube will show you one of those ways. While it's important to try and clean any stains up right away, whether it's on your mattress or elsewhere, sometimes that just doesn't happen. There are stains that accumulate on our mattresses over time too, like sweat stains which can be really difficult to remove over time. Cleaning stains off a mattress, later on, may require more heavy duty mattress cleaners like the ones used in this video from Sean Symons. Sean used a couple of mattress cleaners including Turtle Wax Interior 1 and Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner. You can find these at a store like Walmart or even at a hardware or home improvements store. If you can't find it in your area, you can always look into ordering it online through Amazon or a similar website. In Sean's case, the stain was pretty bad on the mattress he owned, so he went straight to the chemical mattress cleaners starting our with the Turtle Wax Interior 1 which is a car upholstery cleaner, and then following up with the Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner which seems to have done the trick in removing the stains.

If you have just discovered a stain on your mattress shortly after it's happened, you could also use these types of stain removal products, but if you catch the stain early enough, you can also try using some simple natural ingredients to clean it the natural way. Get some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. Mix one cup of the hydrogen peroxide, three tablespoons of the baking soda and just a few drops of liquid dish soap together in a spray bottle and mix with a long stir stick until combined. Once combined, you can then put the top on the spray bottle and spray the entire stained area really well with the natural mixture making sure that it's completely saturated. Then leave the solution on the stain for at least an hour or longer if you can. You should see an improvement when you return, if not, you can try it again until you get the desired results. If it still doesn't remove, because it's a stain that's set in, try the more heavy duty mattress cleaners instead.

So all you need to do with these spray on upholstery cleaners is just spray them on and then scrub them in with the brush that comes with the cleaner. Scrub gently for a little bit, maybe 5 minutes or so, and then allow the spray to sit on the stains for a while, maybe an hour or longer. The stains seem to come right out over time with these stain removal products which is great. You can see that Sean's mattress that was very heavily stained, now looks like brand new after he cleaned it with the upholstery cleaners. When you're cleaning stains off mattresses, you may want to try a few different mattress cleaners, starting out with the all natural ones and moving up to using the chemical solutions if need be. Another wise thing to do is to prevent stains by getting yourself a good quality mattress cover that will protect your mattress from stains. You can also deep clean your bed once a month with baking soda by sprinkling it all over your bare mattress, allowing it to sit for a few hours and then vacuum it up. Try out these stain removal techniques and see how they work on your mattress.***

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