This Is the Best Way to Remove Tough Carpet Stains

In between using carpet cleaning services, all consumers have to have a reliable way to get rid of carpet stains. Whether you've spilled dark, red wine on your carpet or found a bright red puddle of juice in a highly visible area on the floor, there are a number of carpet cleaning strategies that can help you restore this surface back to new. One of the best carpet cleaning tips involves using your iron to literally steam dark-colored stains right up. This carpet cleaning strategy is so effective that it's been able to pull bright red and even bright blue liquids from light-colored carpeting. Rather than rushing out to find, screen and hire carpet cleaning companies the next time a major spill occurs in your home, you can simply take advantage of the stain removal tips that follow.

To start, you'll need to round up a few essential items. Even the very best carpet cleaning companies cannot create amazing results if they do not have the tools they need. For your stain removal project, make sure that you have some ammonia, a spray bottle, hot water, clean, color-safe towels, and a clothes iron on hand. Much like the stain removal strategies that are often used by carpet cleaning services, one of the most important parts of this carpet cleaning technique is preparation. For instance, you'll want to plug your iron in to let it preheat. You should use an outlet for this that's as close to the carpet cleaning area as possible, or you can use an extension cord to ensure good reach. Next, make a mixture of equal parts ammonia and hot water, and then use this to fill your spray bottle. This homemade carpet cleaning solution is incredibly effective. Screw the spray bottle closed and then shake the contents well. The next step in these efforts is to liberally spray the targeted stain with your homemade carpet cleaning solution before spreading one of your clean towels right on top. Position your heated iron directly on top of this towel and then slowly move it around. When using a heated iron on your carpeted floors, you should always be careful to avoid burning or singeing the carpeting. After several seconds have passed, take a look under the towel. If this carpet cleaning technique is working like it should, much of the stain will be present in the towel, rather than in the carpet.

Many top-rated carpet cleaning companies have found that even the very best carpet cleaning strategies don't work right away. You'll find that this is sometimes true with this one. As such, you may need to spray the affected area with your carpet cleaning solution again, put a new towel down, and repeat the entire process. You can continue with these carpet cleaning cycles until the flooring looks brand new. In addition to using this strategy, you can also take advantage of some of the mitigation techniques that many carpet cleaning services use. For instance, you should always address carpet stains as soon as they occur, rather than letting liquids settle deep down into the carpet padding. This is one of the best ways to prevent unwanted colors from bleeding back up to the carpet surface after a diligent cleaning. You can scrape solid materials up with a paper towel. You can also use paper towels to gently blot up spilled liquids. Be careful to avoid pressing liquids deeper into the carpet fibers, or mashing solid materials down into the floor. A special thanks to Jillee at One Good Thing for sharing these amazing carpet cleaning ideas.

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