This Millennial Tiny House Has It All

With so many tiny house designs it's difficult to know which to choose. Build Tiny are proud to be presenting their prototype Tiny House The Millennial, a modern tiny house design that is unlike any tiny house design youve seen. The tiny house on wheels is extremely light and open, and just 180 square feet in size. The Millenial has the feel and functionality of a much larger home thanks to its large double glazed windows, and its cleverly designed space saving features such as its retractable staircase. The tiny house design has everything you need in a modern home to include a full sized oven, fridge, shower and washing machine, and it even has a dedicated home office.

You will love the stairs that lead up to the loft sleeping space in the Millenial; they are like nothing you've seen before. The stairs fit into the wall when not in use, and pull out when you need to use them. There is innovative storage wherever you look in the space from conveniently located drawers in the bathroom to storage under the main space floor. And the Millenial tiny house on wheels looks good too, with white walls, dark wooden floors and a dedicated home office/guest loft. The queen/king loft also has head room. There is a spacious bathroom with plenty of storage and a washing machine. This tiny house on wheels has good indoor/outdoor flow which really adds to its spacious feel. You will especially love the chair that hangs from the ceiling. The kitchen is a good size with full sized appliances. With so many unique features in this tiny house design, you don't really feel as though you are in a small house space; it has everything you need to feel comfortable and enjoy your stay. You are sure to be inspired by this beautifully designed tiny house on wheels.

The Millennial tiny house design is the prototype/show home of Build Tiny Limited, which is set to debut at the 2017 Auckland home show in the month of September. Shortly its debut, the tiny house design will become available to rent on a nightly basis to anyone interested in trying out small house living. The tiny house design is modern, well lit, private, and spacious. The Millennial is a compact and creative tiny house design that is full of space saving features in a creative layout. The Millenial is inspiring to anyone looking to build their own tiny house design, or those looking for a unique place to stay. The Millenial is an eco-friendly tiny house design with a composting toilet in the bathroom. To use the composting toilet, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. It's very easy to use, just like a regular toilet, but instead of flushing, you simply cover with a handful of wood chips from the drawer next to the toilet.

The Millenial tiny house on wheels is located in Katikati, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. The Millenial is located in a relaxed semi rural setting, that is only a two-minute drive to Katikati township, a short 15-minute drive to Waihi Beach, and just 30 to 40 minutes to Tauranga/Mount Maunganui. The tiny house design is at the end of a quiet cul de sac, that is extremely peaceful and quiet. You will need a car or a bike to get around, with public transport available in Katikati. You will find this tiny house on wheels on the Tiny House Listings site. On the site, you will find tiny houses on wheels, tiny house designs, small house living and more. **

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