Top 7 Cannabis Strains-Natural Depression Remedy

Cannabis has been around for a very long time, and even though it was used as a natural medicine throughout the centuries, it was made illegal in the early 1900s in the US and Canada. Now people are looking past the allegations that this plant is dangerous and are recognizing the healing benefits of it once again. Cannabis is being seen as a natural medicine again and is being used for so many different ailments. There's starting to be more information on which strains are best for certain conditions as well as more studies being done to prove how helpful cannabis can be for treating symptoms as well as the diseases themselves. Cannabis is becoming legal in more places once again because people are realizing it's not as dangerous as it was once proclaimed to be. Also, people are able to get prescriptions from their doctors for medical cannabis which helps them with ailments ranging from glaucoma to cancer. While it's not been decided upon as a cure for any diseases or health issues, it has been found to be quite helpful in alleviating some of the pain and stress the disease causes. As always, each person must practice discernment and take it slowly when entering into using cannabis for any medical issues. As well as checking in with their doctor first to see if it would be a good course of action for their specific concerns.

Depression is one of the mental health concerns people use cannabis for. Depression is not just feeling sad for a short time about something; rather it's a deep despair and hopelessness that lingers on in a person and usually persists until treatment is given. While it's not clear if one specific thing causes depression, it's usually a mixture of having imbalanced chemicals in the brain, a family history of depression, trauma or abuse, as well as stress. Sometimes certain things can trigger depression in someone including a stressful life event such as the death of a loved one or losing a job. Other times it can be triggered by certain medications or street drugs, as well as alcohol. A doctor will work with a person to rule out any underlying physiological reasons for the depression by doing blood tests, and a psychiatrist or psychotherapist will work with people to address the emotional aspects of depression. Medication or alternative natural medicine can then be prescribed, and the person can begin to find balance in their moods and emotions to live a full life.

Cannabis is being shown to help those with depression because THC in marijuana can stimulate Anandamide in our brain which controls that feeling of well being that so often is taken away in depression. The THC can also stimulate the hippocampus to create new neurons which will help to reduce depression. Like other illnesses, cannabis can help with the side effects of depression such as high blood pressure and anxiety. People who are interested could seek out a cannabis clinic that sells medical grade cannabis that is grown specifically to treat such ailments. One thing to remember is that there are different strains of cannabis and not all of them will be good for depression. Some of the best strains for depression are listed on the E Marijuana Recipes website and include strains like AK-47 which is great for people suffering from anxiety and depression because it will leave a person feeling alert but relaxed. Then there are also strains like Blueberry which have a lower THC level and a higher CBD level which makes it not as psychoactive. Check out all of the different strains and educate yourself on the benefits of medical cannabis. Always check with your doctor first as well.***

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