Washing Windows Like a Pro

Window cleaning can be a really tough job especially when it comes to getting them completely streak free and shiny. But some simple cleaning tips for window cleaning will really help you out when it comes to getting that streak free shine that you always love to see on your windows. There are so many things you can do to improve your window cleaning experience so that you get the results you want every time. There are many reasons and causes for these streaks on your windows. One of them can be because you can't reach the entire window. If you're left with streaks on your windows especially at the top corners of the windows, then you may want to get a ladder that helps you to reach the entire window. Another cause of window streaks is the window cleaning solution you're using. Not all cleaners are made equal, so it's good to test out many different cleaners until you find one that you really like. You may also want to test out different types of cloth for window cleaning and always have lots of dry, clean cloths available while you're cleaning your windows. Trying to dry a window with a wet cloth will almost always leave you with streaks on your windows.

You should also try and wash your windows when the sun isn't shining on them the heat from the sun can dry the product on the window too quickly leaving you with dried streaks of window cleaner. You can always try and buff them out with a dry cloth, but it's best to clean your windows out of direct sunlight. These cleaning tips from Lesley at Chaotically Creative teach us how to clean windows like the professionals. Lesley got these cleaning tips from a cleaning company a few years back, and they definitely helped her clean her windows with more ease. So to clean your windows like the pro's you'll need dish soap, a bucket, scrubbing pads, a squeegee, and absorbent cloths. So first, you'll squirt a couple of drops of the dish soap into your container and add a few inches of warm water. Then take your scrubbing pad and dip it into the water and soap and wring it out really well. Scrub the area of glass you're cleaning with the soap and water filled scrubby and then use your squeegee to wipe the window starting at the top and moving to the bottom of the window. Be sure to wipe off the squeegee with each swipe.

Then just take a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and wipe up any of the dirt or dust that's accumulated in the corners of the pane of glass and polish the window to a shine. With this cleaning tip, the dish soap and the scrubbing pad will get all of the dirt and dust off while not leaving behind a residue. Always make a fresh batch of this window cleaning solution each time you go to clean your windows and also be sure to change your water if it starts getting too dirty. You can also clean your mirrors using the same techniques or your glass shower doors which can also be a pain to get streak free and shiny. It just goes to show that cleaning windows doesn't have to be that difficult, and with the right tips and tools, as well as the right cleaning solution, you'll be cleaning windows like the pros. So check out the full post on Chaotically Creative and also have a look at all of Lesley's other cleaning tips and tricks.***

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