Would You Believe That A Family Of 4 Can Live In This 207 Sq Ft Tiny House Comfortably?

Have you ever thought about living in a tiny house with your family? Or do you wonder how other families live in tiny houses with kids? One thing you should know is that it's possible and that it can actually be quite comfortable too. The families who live in tiny houses together with kids know that it's all in the planning of the tiny house. So how would you go about that? Take some inspiration from this family of four that lives in a tiny house with 207 square feet. This tiny house is not even one of the largest tiny houses either, which proves that one of the more affordable tiny houses can be quite comfortable for a family. Most tiny houses that even just couples live in are on average about 200 square feet with the really small ones being around 100 square feet and the larger ones going all the way up to 350 square feet and more. For those who don't want to move into too tiny of a home, it's nice to know that there are larger options they can choose that will help ease them into small house living.

This tiny house design also shows you that you don't have to downgrade your quality of life when you live in a tiny house on wheels either. There's a full kitchen in this home's design with a large fridge which would be essential for families with kids since it's so important to always have food on hand with growing kids around. Also, the large double sink is a great feature to have in any busy household for doing dishes and washing up. There's also tons of cabinet space to store all of their dishes and kitchen items as well as dry food. The Kasl family who lives in this cute tiny house on wheels absolutely loves living in their little space. The two kids really love it and seem to really enjoy the tiny house life. They also never want to go back to living in their old house which many people considering tiny house living might be concerned about. They don't even miss all of the toys they had to give up in the process of minimizing to move into the tiny house either which is great news. Usually, kids have so many toys they don't even play with anyhow, so it's good to pair down your belongings from time to time anyway no matter what size of house you live in.

The kids probably enjoy the fact that they get to spend more time with their parents after all since living in a tiny house means that they have to work less to afford their lifestyle. This is something that is very important for kids as they grow up, especially when they're little, and so it's great that these parents took the leap of faith to try something unconventional. As for the bedroom situations, both the parents and the kids' bedrooms are upstairs in the loft space, and they're joined by a platform that allows easy access to each loft. This would be good for the kids if they have bad dreams or get sick in the middle of the night instead of having to climb a ladder. Each child has their own bed in a good sized area, and they also have toys up in their loft bedroom as well. Their entire space feels so homey and comfortable and very practical which is what every tiny house dweller needs. Check out all of the photos of the Kasl's family tiny house and check out Kim Kasl's blog for more insight into living tiny with a family.***

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