You Will Definitely Love this 28 foot tiny house by Olive Nest Tiny Homes

This tiny house design has it all. The Elsa by Olive Nest Tiny Homes is a 28-foot tiny house on wheels with a lot to love. The design was actually featured on Season 6, Episode 2 of Tiny House, Big Living too which is a very well known show that follows people on their tiny house journeys. The tiny house has 323 square feet in total inside, and then outside, one of the most impressive parts is the pergola trailer which creates deck space. The deck also features a cool porch swing and probably the coolest part of the tiny house design is the greenhouse which is also attached to the removable deck. This is such a great way to add on deck space and be able to carry the deck with the house wherever it moves to next. Most people living in tiny houses will just build a deck onto their tiny house after it's built, but then when they want to move the house, they would have to disassemble the deck to transport it to the next location and then reassemble it once the tiny house is parked again. This separate deck and greenhouse unit on a trailer eliminates all of the hard work that would go into the deck, which is what makes it such a brilliant idea.

The exterior of the home is also a beautiful design, finished with cedar shiplap siding. They added some roof variances as well which creates an interesting architectural design. They did a very pitched roof in the main living area of the home, and then less of a steep roof over the loft bedroom area to take advantage of all the head room that would provide in the loft. They added a grey metal roof, and panelling on half of the house too which creates a unique, modern style overall. Inside the home, there are so many great design features including the great kitchen which is so open and airy, as well as all of the great wood details in the home including the custom live edge cherry stair treads. The stair case also includes some storage space which is key for any tiny house design, and also allows for easy access to the loft sleeping area which is quite large for a tiny house loft. On the main floor, the kitchen contains all of the items needed to cook healthy meals in style. A full fridge and a full sized oven and stove. There's also tons of storage and shelving in the kitchen too which is great for organization. They also installed a glass shelf in the kitchen window above the sink for herbs, so they're accessible when needed for recipes.

For eating space, there's a bar that can accommodate two people when it's placed up against the wall and then when it's pulled out; it can sit four people. They brought in an Ikea storage sofa which works perfectly in the space and is a popular item for tiny house dwellers. The walls and ceiling are covered with 6-inch shiplap which finishes the home off nicely, and the hardwood flooring looks amazing. Then there is the bathroom which is small but well planned out with a lovely vanity and sink, a flush toilet and a shower. This 28-foot tiny house just has the one loft, where some people would add in a second, but they wanted to keep the ceiling open to create more open space in the home. Check out all of the photos of this great tiny house design and get inspired for your own build if you're building one of your own.***

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