You've Got To See This Extraordinary Rustic Modern Tiny House

Are you a fan of the TV show Tiny House Nation? If so, you could actually own one of the tiny house designs featured on the show. The tiny house on wheels you see here was built by Wishbone Tiny Homes and was featured on season 3 in an episode called "170 Square Foot Rustic Bike House". The original owners of the tiny house are selling it, so whoever is lucky enough to buy it will only be the second owners of the home. If you're thinking about going tiny, what better way to get a tiny house of your own than to buy one that's already completely built already. You would have to make sure you really liked the design of course, but if you liked it enough, you could always make your own adjustments after you bought it and make it your very own. This would be a great way to save a lot of time having to build your own tiny house, or having to wait for a company to build yours. You'd also save a lot of time coming up with a tiny house design which for some people takes a while. Obtaining all of the proper appliances also takes a while to do as well, but with this tiny house design, you could basically just move right in.

This modern yet rustic tiny house design has a very welcoming exterior that's done with aged siding that is made to look like older barn wood. The wood is slightly grey which is what happens naturally to wood as it ages. This aged grey wood looks so great with the modern white trim and the pop of colour provided by the red door. There's also a cute little storage shed off to the side of the door with a barn wood door look. They finished the roof with corrugated metal which adds to that modern barn style. The home is built on a custom 24-foot long trailer which makes the home really easy to move around. So even if you don't live in the Watertown, Wisconsin area where the home is located, you can still come and pick up the house and transport it wherever you need to. They have also built a little deck on the front of the home which is great for when the house is parked in one place for a little while. There are also 50 amp RV hookups on the outside of the home, which is great for getting electricity to the home.

Inside, the floor plan includes a full kitchen complete with a gas stove and oven, an apartment sized fridge. The sink is quite small, but it could work well for someone who does their dishes right away and doesn't let them pile up too much. There's also tons of cabinet space and counter top space as well. The living room is a nice space as well with a built in couch that has storage within it and lots of cushions and pillows on it for comfort. The three windows in the living room also allow lots of great natural light into the space. Then there's the bathroom which has a great shower and a square wooden bathtub basin. The living room also has a Kimberly wood stove which is usually around $4,000 on its own and is a very good wood stove for tiny houses. One of the neat features is a built-in dog kennel perfect for pet owners.

The home can be purchased for $69,437 US from the owners through the Tiny Houses for Sale Facebook group.***

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