You've Got To See This Unique Well Crafted Tiny Home With Sunken Roof Deck And Slanted Walls

Tiny houses are a great option for people who wish to downsize and minimize, but tiny houses like this one show us that you can pack a lot of style into one small space. Even though a big part of moving into a tiny house on wheels is to minimize and part with many items, that doesn't mean you can't have the things you love. When doing downsizing of any kind, it's important to keep the things that make you happy while ridding yourself of the things that are just taking up space. This means items that you don't really like or use are donated or sold to make space in your home. A smaller space can only hold so many items, so it's important to choose carefully the things you wish to surround yourself with. The Schooner tiny house on wheels is a design from Viva Collectiv, a tiny house company based out of California. This tiny house is 200 square feet and features a sunken roof deck and slanted walls. The design and architecture were done by Brian Crabb, the art direction by Jessica Canovas, the builder was Total Property Solutions' Hunter Miley and the photography was done by Craig Williams.

If you're considering building a tiny house of your own, this is definitely one to have a look at. The exterior looks quite different than any of the tiny houses you're used to seeing. Instead of the regular peaked roof or shed roof we usually see on a tiny house, this one has an interesting slanted design with a flat centre point. The centre of the roof is where the sunken roof patio is located, and there's even a nice shade above it to protect from sun and rain. The siding is done in a slate grey which looks so stylish with the orange toned wood trim around the door and the windows. There are also plenty of windows in this design with 7 on one side alone. Inside the tiny house, there's a living room area right at the front entrance with a normal sized couch in it, which is becoming more popular in these spaces. Many people will create bench seating or a storage couch for their tiny house, but sometimes a regular couch is just more comfortable. Ikea has couches that are great for tiny house living, including a sectional couch with storage in it and a pull out bed option.

Then, in this design, the kitchen area fits nicely in one end of the home with a loft above it. There's an apartment sized fridge in the kitchen area as well as a microwave and an all in one washer dryer unit. Finding these units is becoming easier in Canada and the US and they help tiny housers save so much space rather than having to have two separate machines in their home. The bathroom is at the other end of the home and is actually quite spacious for a tiny house on wheels. One of the main features of the bathroom is the large wooden bathtub in there. This would be an awesome place to have a bath and relax. Plus, there's a great vanity with a sink and storage. The bedroom lofts are quite beautiful and cozy as well. One has a larger, double or queen bed in it, while the other one has a twin bed. The roof deck is accessed through one of the lofts through a cute tiny door making for a great patio on the go. Enjoy the full photo tour of this tiny home and keep getting inspired for building a tiny house of your own.***

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